Quality Elevated Garden Planters: Elevated Garden Beds and Boxes

Quality elevated garden planters

The wave of technology that swept across the globe in the past few years has made the world a better place for humanity. Even though the increase in population and lack of employment have affected the world generally, the innovations have acted as a countermeasure to ensure sustainability. The most significant problem has been sustainable food production which is among the global development goals for this century. Fortunately, technology has come in strong to increase food production through things like quality elevated planters.

Many nations have adopted newer farming methods while encouraging its citizens to embrace these ways of creating food. Home gardening is one of the ways that assist in producing more food. Simple methods used to garden vegetables at home may seem an insignificant activity, yet they provide excellent support and value addition to society. They ensure enough supplies and reduce queues in food stores and malls.

Those who practice home gardening enjoy fresh farm products all year round and save a lot. Garden beds have been adopted by many as the simplest ways to grow vegetables at home.  They provide an easy solution to those who want to produce their farm products without having to go to the market. Elevated boxes make the exercise even better as they assist those who have back problem and experience pain in their legs get involved in gardening.

Why elevated planters?

Imagine the possibility of gardening while standing or sitting in an elevated position as you enjoy watching your plants thrive. The boxes come with specialized features, including automatic watering ability so that you can do other chores as you do your work.

The concept of raised beds has been around for ages; only technology has improved on it. Traditional farmers used double digging for their beds to form rectangular and circular mounds 1-1 ½, with sloping ages in places that received heavy rainfall. This helped to ensure proper drainage and also provide good space that enables extra growing for vegetables. Modern gardeners are embracing this concept with great enthusiasm. Solid frames have taken over the former rectangular holes to provide an excellent look and enable gardening anywhere; it is merely an excellent choicequality elevated garden planters for many people considering they are easy to construct.

Benefits of using quality elevated planters

Now that you have an idea about elevated planters or raised beds, let us look at a few benefits of using them.

–    They are easy to construct

Constructing elevated planters is very easy, and you can do it using simple tools. As long as you have wood, nails and a source of good soil, you can make your planter at home. Note that you can easily get the best Hori Hori garden knife to use while working on the elevated planters. Apart from this, they are quite portable and can be placed anywhere in the home. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can turn your balcony or patio into a fantastic gardening zone.

Also, it is easier to use them compared to trying to amend existing soil since the soil is never the same everywhere. Some soils are chalky, others are sandy, and some may have too much acidity or alkalinity. Elevated planters help you ensure the same soil anywhere so that you don’t have to struggle controlling.elevated garden boxes

You can choose any soil you desire when you want to grow vegetables, or flowers or any plants. You can change your soil type at any time you feel it is not serving you well. You can fill up as many different beds as you desire as long as the soil suits the plants you want to put in them.

Another interesting fact about elevated planters is that you can quickly construct one on top of another. You no longer have to dig out the soil again as is the situation with the ground garden.

–    Proper air circulation and relief from other roots

Plants need air to grow well. After you have compiled the right amount of farmyard manure into your box and planted your crops, the roots will need to breathe. Plants expel CO2 as they breathe in oxygen through the roots. Very compacted soil will suffocate the roots, and the results are apparent. Proper aeration enables plants to receive healthy nutrients from the microbial population in the soil. In simple terms, elevated planters ensure a great balance between aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which are essential for enhancing fertility in the soil. As a result, you have a good production of vegetables.

Your plants need to access maximum nutrients without competition. When using the ground garden, if they are close to trees, they may snatch the little nutrients in the soil from your plants and prevent proper growth.  Elevated planters ensure that you have concentrated nutrients for your plants, there will be no need to add soil fertility enhancement chemicals that may affect your plants.

–    Drainage

There may be heavy rains sometimes that wet the soil, so many roots fail to breathe properly. This means that poor drainage is not suitable for plants. With elevated planters, proper drainage and flow of water are ensured even when there is heavy pouring. Excess water can sweep the soil away; planters ensure that soil and its fertility are retained while excess water is drained. Apart from breathing, another reason plants need proper drainage is that bacterial and fungal diseases love constant moisture, if they are encouraged, your plants will be affected.

Raised planters ensure that the soil is evenly moist so that the plants can get the ideal environment for growth. Waterlogging can alter the soil pH; in turn, affect proper plants growth.

–    Gives the roots enough space to spread

Plants roots also enjoy freedom, and they will find it easier to grow and spread evenly if the soil is loose enough. Raised beds give the soil this loose character so your plants can have proper growth. As if that is not enough, the planters retain soil moisture much longer than normal gardening methods to give roots enough time for maximum absorption of nutrients and space to spread.

Shallow roots are common in plants growing on the ground; this is why gardeners are a force to till very deep. With elevated planters, the soil will stay loose for a long time to give roots enough space to spread and acquire maximum nutrients for the plants.

–    Your plants are protected and prevent compaction

Cats, dogs and other animals like to dig and role in the soil. You may not be able to control much of this is you have a ground garden. Even though you may not prevent 100%, at least there is a chance that people and large animals will not walk on your garden. If this happens, your soil may be compacted, making it hard for roots to spread effectively.

When there is heavy rainfall, your soil can be compacted as well especially if there is flooding. If the wet soil particles settle down, they may become had and dense as excess water evaporates from them.

–    Weed and pest control is easier and better

There are always weeds growing in the soil however much you uproot them. However, elevated planters seem to encounter fewer of these problems compared to another method. If you deep very deep, the seeds of these weeds are exposed, and the sun dries them up so they cannot germinate again.

When feeling up your bed, you can choose the type of soil you wish to use and probably use compost manure which is relatively low in weeds. Apart from this, the soil in the beds is usually very loose, and you can easily pull out the weeds whenever you feel they are too much. Plants in boxes are grown very close to each other which fill up space and weeds will have nowhere to grow.

Pests that creep underground can easily find their way into the garden is you have a ground garden, and destroy your veggies. When using elevated planters may not prevent all of them, but a possibility of only a few getting to your plants is high. Most may fail to go past wooden legs or climb the box.

–    Extend your growing and produce all year round

You can easily control the space that you plants occupy. Even though it is less possible with wooden planters, still plants can be grown in the ages to extend over the sides so that you can have more. You can have for example your tomatoes grow upside down if you have taller beds.

With raised planters, you are assured of all year production since you control the conditions to some extent. The tendency to depend on natural rain is thus eliminated. Reading a little about best gardening tips will provide you with best gardening ideas.

Top 6 quality elevated planters

1.    Best choice products raised vegetable garden bed elevated planter kit to grow gardening vegetables

If you are gardening fan but have problems with your knees from day to day activities, you find this product quite useful. It is a simple single-tier elevated garden bed that allows doing your gardening activities without the need to bend. It simply makes gardening fun activity. It stands at 30ft tall with dimensions of 46”x22”x9”, perfect and ample space for your vegetables. You can place it in a variety of places due to its compatibility. As much as it may appear a bit complicated, it is very easy to assemble, using very minimal tools, you will get your garden working in no time.

Durability is another feature that makes the box outstanding. It is built with solid wood that ensures pest resistance, you can use it for many years without the need for change, and you can decorate it the best way you wish.

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2.    Giantex raised wooden v planter elevated vegetable flower bed free-standing planting (Tawny V Planter)

It is without a doubt that technology has improved gardening in many ways. This item takes flower planting to a whole new level. The raised wooden flower planter is made with quality and durability in mind using natural wood. Because of the wooden construction, it is durable and sturdy you can rely on it for long-term service. If you want to decorate your garden in the best way possible, then this is the product that provides you with a humanized design that is easy for use, comfortable, and adds beauty to your garden. The product measures 27.6” x 17.5” x 28.3” and weighs 16.0lbs. This size can fit anywhere in your garden.

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3.     Giantex wooden raised vegetable garden bed elevated planter kit grow gardening vegetable

Give your garden a great rough-sawn outdoor look with this product. It is made with simplicity but works with perfection to serve your garden needs. You can place it anywhere you like in the garden that gives you perfect outlook. If you are looking for durability, then you cannot fail to notice this planting box, it is made from thick and solid wood construction that is durable. You don’t have to bend or kneel while doing your gardening, enjoying it in a position you feel more comfortable especially for those with mobility and back strain issues. It stands at 30” high and is perfect for planting vegetables, herbs, and flowers, apart from having three sizes for your choosing.

This is simply a good choice for vegetable gardeners. It may look complicated, yet it is such an easy to assemble product to provide an ample space for planting.  The top bed has good depth for maximum nutrition of your plants.

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4.    Keter Urban bloomer 22.4 Gallon Resin plastic wood look elevated raised patio garden flower planter bed, graphite

Gardening doesn’t get any easier with this product. You can simply walk to your balcony or anywhere you have placed and pick your vegetables. No hustle. The product has an ergonomic design that is useful for people who have arthritis or chronic pain. It has a bottom shelf for storage; store your tools at the site, so you never have to lose them. It is made with weatherproof properties so that not even strong wind can affect your plants. It is made with UV protection so that you don’t have to worry about fading.

Durability is at the heart of this item that is made from strong, durable resin measuring 32.3” x 14.7” x 30.7” that can hold up to 22.4-gallon soil capacity. You do not need to crouch or bend, no straining at all. You can choose to maintain your garden while sitting or standing, as you may prefer. It has a self-watering system and drainage tap, so you don’t have to water yourself every day. It is excellent for all age gardeners and encourages healthy dieting.

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5.    CedarCraft elevated garden planter

If you are looking for a perfect way to change your patios, balcony or backyard into the most beautiful garden, then this will be the ideal product for you. It provides the ability for growing tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, or any type of flowers anywhere you feel comfortable. It has easy to follow instruction so that your installation can be easy and quick; you can assemble in minutes without even using tools.

I have a perfect size to handle as many plants as possible with enough soil capacity, measuring 23.2” x 49.2” x 30” and 4.1 cu. Ft soil capacity. It is designed for limited space with an elegant contemporary design that will give you unique appearance wherever you place it. Garden with ease and comfort with the height of this product that eliminates straining for those with back problems. Ensure the safety of your plants from pests and rabbits. This is simply a good choice for a person who enjoys fresh farm products.

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6.    Farmer D galvanized deep raised bed on legs

Technology has made gardening achievable in areas that would others be impossible. The farmer D product brings life and freshness to your home. It is a cedar, deep and raised bed 2” x 2” x 2” tall. It is made with 2” thick FSC certified western red cedar, assembled using outdoor hardware. It is inserted with galvanized metal that gives it an urban feel at the same time retain the farmhouse styling and beauty. You do not have to struggle with assembling since it comes pre-installed, just start gardening.

It is raised on the ground by 6” and is made with square foot gardening in mind. It is perfect for your vegetables. It has slight gasps at the bottom that allows for proper drainage.

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There is no doubt that humanity is defined by innovation which is the backbone of modern civilization. The ability to create your garden even if you don’t have enough land is an excellent solution to many food problems. You can make as many boxes as you want so that you can even sell extra produces. The portability of elevated planters makes them the ideal choice for people with limited space. If these gardening methods are embraced by everyone, there will be sleeping hungry.