Best Aquarium Heaters to Buy: 2019 Reviews and Guide

best aquarium heaters

As a fish keeper, you need to be aware that fish are different from human beings in the sense that they cannot control their own body temperatures. And for this reason, it is absolutely necessary to have the best aquarium water heater together with aquarium thermometers in place to help the fish get the required stable water temperature necessary for their survival.

We have the majority of the fish we keep in our fish tanks requiring warm water for them to survive. This means that unless you stay in a place where it is warm all-year round, you need a fish tank heater to keep the water temperatures stable for the fish. But getting quality water heaters can be tedious and tiresome, especially in the face of the many fake aquarium heaters in the market today. But with concise and unbiased aquarium water heater reviews, one can be sure to get a good aquarium heater to serve his purpose. This article provides an unbiased fish tank heater review, to enable fish keepers to find the right heaters with ease.

Importance of aquarium water heater

The need for an aquarium heater is a necessity, for as long as you rear fish and the temperatures in your locality keep changing. The heater will help replicate the natural environment as well as the conditions necessary for fish survival.


With an aquarium heater, you can be able to raise or lower the temperatures of your fish tank to appropriate levels, depending on the fish species that you have.

It is particularly important to have a water heater in your fish tank as the temperature changes have an effect on your fish. In most cases, the changes bring stress to the fish, and if this stress is persistent, then it can have fatal consequences. We need to remember that large water bodies such as lakes and seas have their temperatures relatively constant.

And one needs to note that while people in some countries will be dealing with low water temperatures, in other countries, people will dealing with high temperatures and will thus need aquarium water coolers for their fish to survive.

Things to consider when buying the best aquarium water heaters

Before you invest in a water heater, it is important to know a number of things that will determine which type of aquarium heater to buy. Below are some of the things to consider;

Size of the aquarium tank

The size of the aquarium tank is an important factor when deciding on which type of heater to buy. This is because if you have a large capacity aquarium tank, and then you buy a low capacity heater, then you might not be able to achieve the results that you had envisioned in the first place. At the same time, the size of the fish tank will help you understand the number of heaters to buy. If it is big, then you might want to buy more than one heater.

Salty or fresh water?

It is also important to consider the kind of water in which you are rearing the fish. Different water heaters work differently under different conditions. There are those that will work properly even when used in salty water, while others might not work. So as you plan, be sure to first know if your water tank is salty or not, and buy an appropriate aquarium heater.

Cost of the aquarium water heater

Fish tank heaters are priced differently, depending on their unique features and characteristics. For this reason, it is important for you to go for a heater that you can afford. If you just purchase a water heater without considering the cost of purchasing as well as maintenance, then you might find it hard budgeting for other aspects of the fish tank.

And apart from the purchase and maintenance costs, you also need to factor in the cost that will be associated with the power to operate the heater. You can choose to use propane, natural gas or electricity, but then these will not just come for free. You will have to pay. So as you purchase, be sure to factor in the source of the power that will be required to make the aquarium heaters operational.

Ease of installation

While most of the fish tanks are easy to install, there are those that will need some skills when installing them. This necessitates the need to consider how easy it is to install the heater.

The fish species that you are keeping

Not every water heater works for every fish species. While you buy a heater, you will need to keep in mind the kind of fish that you have. Conduct research to find out which fish tank heater is best for your fish species.

What are the various types of aquarium heaters?

In the market today, you will find various types of water heaters. This means that you need to know these types before you visit an aquarium heater store to buy one. Below are the common types of aquarium heaters;

1.      Submersible heater

These types of heaters sit under the water. Usually, it is supposed to be placed at the inlet so that it can heat the incoming water.

The heater is made up of a coiled element which has been encased in a glass of toughened plastic tube. Also, these types of heaters have a LED light placed near them to help you know whether it is on or not. Experts say that this type of heater is better than the immersible one when it comes to keeping the fish tank at a more stable temperature.

2.      In-line aquarium heater

The inline aquarium heater is best when fitted between the sump and filter so that it can heat the water as it comes back to the fish tank. The heater is made of a plastic which is heatproof.

The inline aquarium heater is the best for those fish keepers who have large and aggressive fish that fight with equipment in the fish tank. But it is also important to note that these types of heaters are generally more expensive than any other aquarium heater type.

3.      The filter heater

This is a type of fish tank heater that comes with the filter. The filter is fitted with the heater so that as the water passed through it, it is also heated before it goes back to the tank. You can easily find this type of heaters when you buy either the canister or powder filters.

4.      Immersible aquarium heater

This type of heater is also known as a hanging aquarium heater. The name comes from the fact that the heater hangs over the top of the fish tank and sits in the water. These heaters come as a starter pack for beginners, as they are the most common water heaters for fish tanks.

It only provides basic heating, as it is not as efficient as the other aquarium heater types. They are not recommended for brackish or saltwater setups.

5.      Substrate heater

Honestly, these are not actually aquarium heaters as they are not independent. They come with other types of heaters and are in the form of wires that are then fixed onto the base of an aquarium. They were popularly used in planted tanks as the heating promotes gentle water movement that can stimulate the growth of roots. They are very expensive, thus not often used by fish keepers.

7 best aquarium heaters to buy

1.      Freesea Aquarium Fish Tank Heater

Are you looking for a compact and easy to hide heater? Then this is the best choice you have. The heater comes with an easy to read large LED display. For ease of use, the heater comes with an exterior button which is used for setting the fish tank temperature from between 59 and 94 degrees. You will also appreciate the fact that this aquarium heater comes with a whole 12-month warranty.


  • Easy to hide, thanks to its oval shape
  • Easy installation, thanks to the integrated suction cups.
  • Automatically maintains the set temperatures.
  • Easy to adjust settings using its external button
  • Easy to read the temperatures as it has a large LED display



  • The temperature control box of this type of heater is not waterproof, thus vulnerable.
  • It can only work correctly when submerged, thus cannot be removed from the fish tank.
  • Comes with a short power cord, only 3.5 feet long
  • Can only work best in a fish tank with high water circulation.


2.      Hygger Submersible Fish Tank Heater

This is also a submersible aquarium heater that is both easy to install and easy to maintain water temperatures. As a fish keeper, you actually deserve this, as it is designed to last longer than others, going well over three years.


  • Comes with a long power cord of about 5.4 feet. This makes it easy for it to reach most parts of the fish tank.
  • Has an auto shut off for easy protection from over-heating.
  • Can easily maintain fish tank temperatures at a constant value automatically
  • It has a LED indicator which can let the operator know when it is on or off.
  • It is durable.
  • Its compact design makes it easy to hide it in the aquarium
  • Works for both fresh as well as salty water tanks.
  • It is easy to install as it comes with a detachable shield and two suction cups.



  • Cannot be used in a sump or turtle tank
  • Cannot be placed under the substrate
  • Can only be installed horizontally due to its design.
  • Can only work in glass tanks, not in acrylic or plastic fish tanks




7 Best Hydroponics Nutrients and Fertilizers to Buy: 2019 Reviews & Guide

The moment you choose to grow plants hydroponically, you have to be ready to provide nutrients for them. This is because just as you need food to grow, your hydroponic plants will need to hydroponic nutrients to survive. But there is a challenge to this, as getting the best hydroponics nutrients right away is not an easy task.

As technology advances, and human population keeps on souring, there is need for people to embrace hydroponic gardening. And the world is slowly accepting this type of gardening as the only sure solution for food crisis across the world. And with this, many manufacturers have moved to take advantage of the growing hydroponics market to produce nutrients that can help in the growth of the hydroponics plants. To fully understand you can get general hydroponics nutrients for your plants, read this post to the end.

Things to consider before buying hydroponics nutrients

Before you decide on which nutrients to buy, you first need to consider the following;

Liquid or powder hydroponic nutrients?

Most starters and those who do gardening just for hobby choose the liquid hydroponic nutrients. And this is for two reasons. First, the best liquid hydroponics nutrients come when already mixed. This implies that the gardener will not have to start reading through the manuals on how to mix them again.

The other reason is that it is much easy to use the liquid hydroponic nutrients. And this is because one doesn’t have to mix, all you will have to do is buy and apply to your hydroponic plants.

But there is one disadvantage to the use of liquid nutrients. They are too expensive to buy, and not many would want to go this direction, especially when on a tight hydroponics budget.

For seasoned hydroponic gardeners, the dry or powder hydroponics nutrients are their choice. This is because it is economical to use them as compared to the liquid form. The economical nature of these form of nutrients makes it most appropriate to be used in large commercial greenhouses. It is, however, important to note that the use of powder hydroponics is only good for those with enough experience and when doing large-scale hydroponics farming.

Want to go organic or synthetic?

As you think of the best hydroponic fertilizers to use, you need to also figure out whether you want to go organic or the synthetic path. Organic seems to have been recommended, as it suits the environmental needs, your own health and other benefits.

But even then, the truth is it is not easy to get organic hydroponics nutrients. But if you must buy, then you need to consider organic forms such as fish bone, blood meal among others. When you place these into a solution, they can act as organic nutrients for your garden.

While most of the manufacturers will claim that they are producing organic nutrients, truth is such nutrients are not 100% organic as they have some refined minerals in them.

Your budget

Are you operating a budgeted hydroponics system? If yes, then you need to consider the price of the nutrients that you would want to apply to your garden. If you have little money, then you might want to consider 1-part hydroponic liquid nutrients. This is because you will not have to go through the cost of having to mix the nutrients, as they come when already mixed for you.

All-purpose or made-for-hydroponics products?

As a hydroponics grower, you need to be keen when buying the nutrients. Most of the manufacturers will recommend all-purpose products, which is not actually a correct choice. Hydroponics growers need to just focus on what their crops need, and thus you have to buy the made-for-hydroponics nutrients.

Can you make your own hydroponic nutrient solutions?

If you are a seasoned hydroponics grower with enough experience, then you can be able to brew your own hydroponics nutrients solution. To brew, you will need some chemicals and compost. For a proper diy hydroponic nutrients, you need to make a nitrate solution so that you can get nitrogen.

But the best way to grow your hydroponic plants is to purchase certified organic nutrients from reliable manufacturers.

Top 10 hydroponic nutrients reviews


Best aquarium thermometers: Reviews &Top Picks

Best Aquarium Thermometers

Every aquarium needs a thermometer. In fact, you have a thermometer inside your aquarium right now. But is your thermometer accurate? Have you actually thought about the accuracy of your thermometer? What you need to know is that if your thermometer cannot be relied upon to give accurate results, then it is useless. But you need not to worry if you have been using an aquarium thermometer that cannot be relied upon. Look at the following most common types of best aquarium thermometers.

But before that, do you know what an aquarium thermometer is? And do you need one?

An aquarium thermometer is a tool that measures the temperature of water in an aquarium. These days, there has been an increased use of thermometers in homes as people use thermometers to adjust thermostats while some use them to check if the roast has cooked well. Some even use thermometers to check the temperature of their children. Aquarium thermometer is used to check the temperature of water in the tank. They are popularly known as fish tank thermometer.

Actually, an aquarium thermometer is a very important tool and also very essential when you own a fish tank in your home. What you need to know is that you cannot check and determine the temperature of water in an aquarium by just looking at it. Thermometers are therefore very important as it allows you to check and confirm the temperature of water in an aquarium and confirm if it is the right temperature for the fish in the aquarium. For these reasons and many others, as you buy the best aquarium pumps, you also need to ensure that you purchase the best aquarium thermometers as well.

What are the different types of thermometers in the market?

Actually, there are three different types of thermometers that are commonly used for determining the temperature of the water inside the aquarium. By reading and knowing the different types of thermometers, you will realize that some thermometers are better than others. Have a look at them.

1. Digital aquarium thermometer and probe

Digital thermometer and probe for aquariumThis type of thermometer is made up of two different parts, that is, the sensor probe that sits under the water in the fish aquarium. Its function is to check the temperature of water. Also, there is a digital display. This part remains outside the water, and its function is to display the temperature of the water in the fish tank. Its function is also to house the batteries of the thermometer.

Why is this type of thermometer split this way?

The reason why the two parts are separated is to ensure that the electrical part of the thermometer does not mix up with water. Therefore, the electrical part of the digital thermometer does not get wet. So, if you do not want a thermometer that does not permanently sit in the water, then this is the best one for you. You just add a probe to your tank when you want to check the temperature of the water in the aquarium and then remove it ones you are done. Actually, it is considered coolest, especially if you have the best digital thermometer.


•    Reading can be taken in any location with a single meter

•    Unbreakable

•    Alert feature when the temperature is out of range

•    Not impacted by ambient room temperature

•    Easy to read

•    Generally the most accurate type


•    Most expensive type

•    Most require batteries to run

Under the digital thermometer and probe, we have two types, which are as described below;

i. Fixed probe thermometer

This thermometer is often referred to as instant-read thermometer. This type of thermometer is normally identified by a meter that is directly attached to the sensor probe. When using it, you just dip the probe into the water, and you will get your results in seconds.

The good thing with this fixed probe thermometer is that it takes up a little space which allows it not to be easily noticed in your aquarium cabinet until the next time you want to know the temperature of your aquarium.  But if you have a downside fixed probe aquarium, you will have to hold it with your hands when taking the temperature reading of your aquarium or else the thermometer will sink into the water.


  • Easy to read
  • Takes up little space


  • Does not have alerts


ii. Wired probe thermometer

wired probe thermometerThis is the most advanced one. A probe is separated from the meter and connected with a cord. This allows you to permanently set up the probe inside the water while the meter is outside displaying the current temperature reading of the temperature. So, with this type of thermometer, you can continuously monitor the temperature of your water by putting it anywhere on the surface of the water. This type of thermometer is advanced that it can raise the alarm even with the slightest change in the temperature. Also, this type of thermometer does not take up much of your space in your aquarium cabinet.


  • It can be placed anywhere on the surface of the water
  • It has an alarm system
  • Does not take up much space


  • Expensive
  • Require batteries to run

While it might look like all the digital aquarium thermometers are expensive, one can get a reliable digital aquarium thermometer that is cheap.

2. Submersible aquarium thermometer

This type of thermometer lives inside the water with your fish and plants. These thermometers are designed to remain inside the water. So, anytime you want to check the temperature of water, you will have to peer inside a great hands-free way. The problem with this thermometer is that it takes up a large space in your aquarium but space won’t be a problem in large tanks.

This type of thermometer is most commonly made if glass. However, there are those thermometers that are operated by batteries which are made of plastic though they are less common.

When it comes to the price of aquarium thermometers, submersible thermometers are the cheapest. In fact, you can have this type of thermometer with just a few dollars. But you need to know that Submersible thermometers are not recommended in aquariums which have aggressive fish as they are most commonly made of glass and therefore, can break when fish hit them.


•    Inexpensive

•    They operate without batteries


•    They are hard to read

•    They are fragile

i. Floating submersible thermometer

Floating submersible thermometerAs the name of the thermometer indicates, this type of thermometer floats on the surface of the water in your aquarium. This sounds great. Isn’t it? When the thermometer floats in the water, it takes up the least space. The problem with this is that it can spin with the slightest movement of water making it impossible to read the temperature of the water as you can only read it front on.

The other problem with this type of thermometer is that the filters of the thermometer can push it around until they get stuck in one corner of the tank. Also, when you have decorations or plants on your aquarium, you can’t be able to take the reading of the thermometer easily. So, the only thing to do when you want to take the reading of this type of thermometer is to take it with your hands which is not practical.


•    Many have easily viewable “safe” zone

•    Can be placed in multiple locations

•    Inexpensive

•    Not impacted by ambient room temperature


•    Breakable

•    Less accurate than digital

•    The scale may be difficult to read

•    No alert feature

ii. Standing submersible thermometer

Standing submersible thermometerThis type of thermometer is weighed allowing it to sink inside the tank, but it can be able to stand upright when it reaches the bottom. So, what you need to do is to glance through the front of the aquarium in order to take the temperature reading of the thermometer. The problem with this type of thermometer is that it can be very hard to read especially when placed near the rear of the aquarium. But if you have a small aquarium, then you won’t get any problem reading from any point of the aquarium.  The other problem with this type of thermometer is that fish can easily hit it making it topple over forcing you to use your hands to make it stand upright again.


•    Inexpensive

•    Not impacted by ambient room temperature

•    Can be placed in multiple locations

•    Many have easily viewable “safe” zone


•    Scale may be small and difficult to read

•    Breakable

•    No alert feature

•    Less accurate than digital

iii. Suction cup submersible thermometer

Suction cup submersible thermometerThis is the best type of submersible thermometer. By attaching the cup of the thermometer to the glass of the aquarium, you can be sure that the thermometer will remain in the same position until the next time to check the reading of the thermometer. The good thing with this type of thermometer is that you can attach the cup anywhere in the aquarium. If you do not like the suction cup, then there are those that use the magnet to attach to the walls of the aquarium though they are less common.






•    It offers accurate readings.

•    It’s very affordable.

•    It doesn’t need batteries.


•    can be hard to read

•    Don’t use the suction cup on acrylic tanks, as it will leave ring stains that will prove very difficult to remove.

3. Thermometer sticker strips

This type of thermometers are often referred to as LCD thermometers. The liquid in the thermometer can be able to change the color when the temperature of water changes. You just peel a sticker and attach it to the front of the aquarium and it will be able to sense the temperature of water through the glass. Isn’t it nice? The only problem with this type of thermometer is that the sticker is attached outside the aquarium meaning that its temperature change can be influenced by the temperature of the room. So, who wants inaccurate reading?  Also, stickers have limited lifetime. Do you still want it?


•    Easy to apply

•    Inexpensive

•    Unbreakable

•    Can be placed in multiple locations


•    No alert feature

•    Can be difficult to read in low light

•    Less accurate than digital

Digital vs. analog thermometer

Which one is the best for your aquarium? The old fashioned thermometer which you need to match the temperature reading is the analog thermometer. Actually, matching the reading of the thermometer is not necessary. Why can’t you just get temperature reading of your thermometer by just a glance? Actually, digital thermometers are so precise and can even be read by the oldest eyes. Therefore, digital thermometers are the best. Do yourself a favor and get one.

Advantages of digital thermometer

•    Accurate

•    Easily available

•    Have alarm system

•    Easy to read


•    Expensive

•    Require batteries to operate

•    Not all are accurate

•    Some are hard to clean

Advantages of analog thermometer

•    Inexpensive

•    They do not require batteries to operate


•    Inaccurate

•    Hard to read

•    Does not have alarm system

Best Aquarium Pumps for Sale: Reviews & Top Picks


Do you have a fish tank in your home? If so, then you must be thinking of buying an air pump. Most people have a misconception that air pumps are needed to increase the amount of oxygen in the water and therefore is very important for the general health of the fish. However, that is not the case as a fish tank air pump is made to improve the circulation of air in the fish tank by sending bubbles up the surface when then pop. This movement agitates the surface which in turn increases the surface area for gaseous exchange.

Actually, air pumps are needed to improve the functioning of other features in the aquarium like the filters which are normally driven by the air. There are also some ornaments with spinning wheels or turning valves that need air to move them. There are also air stones which create a tiny flow of bubbles that help air move through the filters.

You also need to use air pumps to bring water currents in your aquarium which help to stop stagnation in some parts of the tank. If you house semi-aquatic animals in your tank, then you need to have an air pump to help aerate the whole aquarium. So, the type of air pump that you will need to buy for your aquarium depends on its use.  Read on to find different types of air pumps in the market.

10 best aquarium pumps for sale

Simple Deluxe 1056 GPH Listed Submersible Pump

Apart from the positive reviews that come from the performance of this type of pump, this type of pump has special features that this type of investment last for long and therefore, brings value for your money. This type of pump has a pre-filter included in its price which helps block the debris from entering your aquarium pump.

This type of pump is also created from polished aluminum oxide ceramic which has more strength and hence durability than even the strongest steel. This type of material also does not corrode when put inside the water. All the working parts of this type of pump are encased with epoxy resin which ensures that they are safe from corrosion too.

As this type of pump is submersible aquarium filter pump, it sits inside the tank instead of being mounted on the outside of the tank. When it comes to the safety of the fish, this type of pump ensures the safety of your fish as the unit has no exposed copper.

This type of pump is also easy to break it apart anytime you want to do some cleaning of the inside parts of the pump. Also, you need no special tools to clean this type of pump. The long power cord of the pump is also water proofed to ensure that it does not rust when it gets into contact with water, oil grease or even with the variation of temperature. The unit comes with three nozzles which are 0.83, 1.06 and 1.34 feet. This, therefore, means that you can choose the right one for your tank. The fittings of the pump are also threaded to increase its stability.

The Vic Tsing Submersible Water Pump

This type of pump has a flow rate of 80 GPH but is flexible as you can change the rate of flow of water to create the exact pressure that is needed in your aquarium. This type of pump is the most versatile and therefore, can be used for various purposes. It comes with four suction cups which are strong enough to place it vertically or horizontally on any stable ground inside your aquarium.

This type of pump is made of stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and also able to extend its durability. The good thing with this type of pump is that it can easily be opened into parts in case you want to clean it. When buying it, you are given two nozzles 0.33 and 0.51 feet that help to regulate the water flow rate in the tank.

This type of pump is relatively silent in its operation which is also helped by the fact that it is submerged inside the water thereby reducing noise. But excess noise is produced, you need to dismantle and clean its parts. This type of pump having been made from stainless steel means that there will be lea corrosion despite its wet surrounding and therefore prolongs its lifespan.  The good thing with this type of pump is that it comes with a warranty of one year a lifetime technical support if the pump encounters any problem or when you have any question about the purchase of the product.

The Homasy 400 GPH Submersible Pump

This type of pump can be installed within the aquarium, inside the tank and so on. When buying, it comes with four suction cups which make it easy to fit anywhere in the aquarium. It also makes it easy to detach from the walls of the aquarium. The maximum flow rate of this type of pump is 400GPH, but its output can be lowered if need be with the in-built control knob on its side.

This type of pump comes with two different sized nozzles, 0.51 and 0.62 and so if you use the small one, the flow rate can be reduced. Its power cable is 5.9ft making it suitable for smaller installations and with a 25W motor which reduces the cost of the electricity bill.

This type of pump makes less noise when it is being used which is boosted by the fact that this type of pump is submerged inside the water which reduces the noise from the pump. But if you at any time encounter loud noise from the pump, it means that the machine and its parts need cleaning. But because this type of pump is made of stainless steel, there will be less corrosion and therefore, will last long despite it being in wet condition. This type of pump come with one year warranty and technical support for the rest of the pump life.

The MarineLand Penguin

This type of pump is an all filter in one with a flow rate of 200GPH, making it suitable for aquariums holding about 30 to 50 gallons of water. Various sizes of this pump are available in the market. The filter provides mechanical and chemical filtration of tanks, and its price includes carbon filter cartridges. These can be cleaned from time to time and reused. The BIO wheel of this tank does not need to be replaced from time to time as it is made to promote healthy bacteria in the water. The manufacturer of this pump recommends that the filter is fitted about three-quarter of the way down to the aquarium so that it can suck the floating debris out of the water without bringing disturbance to the sand and gravel on the surface of the tank.

The KEDSUM 320 GPH Submersible Pump

This is a small neat water pump that is made to be easy to conceal without spoiling the look of the aquarium. It can be made to stand vertically or made to lie horizontally within the fish aquarium, but it should be fully submerged into the water for correct functioning. This type of pump does not consume a lot of power and therefore save a lot on power bills. It only consumes about 2o0 watts. Also, this type of pump does not make a lot of noise as it is also submerged into the water.

The maximum flow rate of this type of pump is 320 GPH or 1500 liters per hour, and the maximum lift is approximately 4ft. You can regulate the flow of water in the pump by using the two outlets that come with the pump. You can either use 0.51 0r 0.63 nozzles. The smaller one can reduce the flow rate of the water while the larger one can increase the rate of flow of water.

This type of pump can also be easily detached into parts for easy cleaning of its’ inside parts. This type of pump is made to be noiseless, but noise can be generated by the debris which gets stuck in the pump which reduces the operation of the pump. So, any time you hear loud noise from the machine, it is a clear sign that the pump needs to be cleaned.

This pump is also made to operate within the temperatures of 0 degrees to 95 degrees, but it is for indoor use only. When it comes to the type of water, this type of pump can be used either with salty or fresh water.

The Vivosun Air Pump

This type of pump is suitable for outdoor use. It is also power saving and made to resist wear and tear and so can operate foe 24 hours once put in place in your fish aquarium. Its flow rate is 950 GPH which can be approximately 60 liters of air per minute. This type of pump has six outlets which means that it can be used together with six different aquariums. Each valve can be altered to ensure that it can be changed depending on its requirements.

Its power cable can stretch for up to 5ft and so, you can look for extra extension if need be. This type of pump produces less noise when used out the door. It is made from aluminum and so has reduced corrosion while it is under the water. This pump does not require any lubrication with any oil as a wipe on it with a soft cloth and water with soft. Its filter sponge needs to be cleaned every two months.

This type of pump comes in many sizes as you can get larger ones and also smaller ones. It comes with a warranty of three years warranty and full technical support from the company’s customer care service team if you encounter any problem or in case you have any question regarding the purchase of the pump.

Tetra whisper easy to use air pump

This is one of the cheapest air pumps that come in different sizes depending on the size of your aquarium. This type of pump can aerate a 60 to a 100-gallon aquarium. This type of pump does not include adjustment of the flow of air or multiple valves as larger pumps do. This pump is also made to produce less noise and is therefore suitable for indoor use. When you experience any increased noise, it only means that you have to tighten the plastic housing of the pump. With a 10 gallon unit, you can buy the pump together with power cable and a T-shaped adapter which can be used to separate the flow of air between two hoses which you will need to provide. This pump comes with a warranty for its entire life and also a free technical advice in case of any question regarding the use of the pump.

Uniclife Aquarium Pump

This is an in-line pump that is not submersible. This type of pump can be used both in salty and fresh water aquariums and can also adjust to any volume of water from 20 to 100 gallons. The rate of flow of air can be adjusted using the rotating dial which is on the side of the pump. It also has two outlet valves which you use to aerate two different tanks. You can as well position two stones differently in the same tank for better aeration. This type of pump is suitable for indoor environment as it is designed to produce less noise. If you hear increased noise from the pump that can mean that the pump needs to be dismantled for maintenance. The pump also consumes less power and therefore, saves a lot on power bills.

The good thing with this type of pump is that it comes with everything you want on the day you buy it. You will also receive two air stones, 2 meters airline, two return pumps and a connector. You will also get a two year warranty if anything goes wrong with the pump. You will also get a free technical advice in case of any question regarding the purchase of the pump.

Submersible water pump from Tiger Pumps

This type of pump has an adjustable rate of flow by using a dial on the front of the intake which delivers a maximum rate of flow up to 120 gallons per hour. Apart from that, this type of pump produces less noise and is compact at 2.58’’by 1.61’’ by1.94’’. This type of pump is also light in weight and held firmly by four suction pumps. This pump is made to withstand salty and fresh water conditions and its power cord is heavy duty and waterproofed and so will not get corroded in wet environment whether indoor or outdoor. It has a warranty of 1 year and 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with this type of pump. You can use this pump in your aquarium, pond, fountain or hydroponic system with no worry.


It can be a tedious job to keep your hedges beautiful, especially if you are not using the best hedge shears in the market. It is critical to know the type and size of hedge shear that can help you keep your hedge looking awesome. This is, however, hard given the numerous types of hedge shears available, each of different size. Knowing some of the best hedge trimmers for thick branches can go a long way in making your work easier.

In this article, we shall review some of the best hedge shears to help you select the one that best suits you.

Choosing the best hedge shear

With the numerous types of shears available, it would be important to first know how to choose the best hedge shear. Remember that the market provides all sorts of shears, each with a unique design, size and also price. Each of these shears has a different purpose, and thus buying the one that looks like your neighbors’ might not help much. Let us look at the factors to consider when selecting hedge shears.

Factors to consider when buying hedge shears

The cutting blades

The size of the blades and handles will depend on the kind of work you are doing. For those doing up-close work, it will be necessary to go for short blades and short handles as well. But if you are doing big jobs, then opt for long blades with long handles.

In the market today, you will realize that most quality hedge shears are straight. At the same time, the shears are made from forged steel.

When buying, this is an important consideration to remember as it will determine how easy it will be to sharpen the blades. Sharpening straight blades with a sharpening stone by hands is easy compared to other types of blades.

It is also vital to consider how the blades of your hedge shears touch each other. Ideally, they should only touch at the cutting point. This will help reduce friction as well as sticking.

Remember that a good hedge shears need to be adjustable. This means that as you buy hedge shears, you have to look at its pivot-bolt and ensure that it is adjustable. Knowing where to get the replacement pivot is a plus given that this will always be the first part to fail.

It is prudent to keep your tool sharp all the time if you want to get the best out of it.

Weight and size of the hedge shears

For those who have been trimming hedges know how tedious the job can be. The work is repetitive, and most often you are forced to reach areas of the hedge that are quite above your shoulders. It is for this reason that you need to consider the weight of your tool.

While the weight and size of the shears will depend to some extent on your muscles, it is always advisable to choose one that you can easily carry. In the marketplace, you will find one that has either aluminum or fiberglass handles. At the same time, you will find another design with either steel or wood handles. Choosing the former over the latter is better since the latter is usually heavy.

The cutting mechanism

The effort you need to shear your hedge will depend on how often you shear them. If you shear the hedges regularly, then you might not need to use a lot of energy as they will be soft. But if you take too long to shear them, then the amount of energy you need might be considerably high.

Geared technology is one best technology that substantially reduces the amount of energy when cutting the hedge. This is important, especially when cutting large branches.

Ease of use

The tool you choose needs to be easy to use. Take the one with cushioned grips which has shock-absorbing bumpers at the point where the handles come together. This is essential in helping reduce wear and tear on your arms.

The cost of the tool

It is true that most of you expected this to be the first factor to consider. And yes, you are right, I just put it here intentionally to keep you thinking.

The cost of the tool is an important factor worth putting your minds on. Different hedge shears come at different prices. While there are those that are as cheap as $15, don’t be surprised to find one that will require you to pay as much as $120.

Top 10 hedge sheers to buy


Top 3 Automatic Plant Watering Systems: Reviews & Top Picks

Top 3 automatic plant watering systems

Many people decide to setup self-watering systems because of many reasons. Others have several planned vacations and trips over the summer while others have a busy schedule that they don’t find time to do watering of the garden or watering the garden is not at the top of the priorities.

But if you are into indoor farming, then the idea of automatic watering systems is a welcome. Even for those still looking for greenhouses near me, it will be prudent to first understand how automated plant watering system will be beneficial to your greenhouses.

Top 3 automatic plant watering system

There exist several types of indoor plant watering systems. Depending on the level of automation that you need, you may decide to have a globe, an indoor trip system or self-watering container.

1.    Plant watering globes and spike

 Plant watering spikes

Plant watering spikes are one of the most successful and attractive indoor systems. There are different manufacturers for this device which allows you to make a choice depending on the style, appearance and the cost of the device.

This system works through the fact that it is a reservoir that waters the plants through the process of capillary action. The spike is made of unglazed ceramic or any other porous material. The device is placed to sit on the surface level of the soil in each herb pot with the spike under the surface.

There is a plastic tube that goes through from the spike to the reservoir. When the soil around the spikes gets dry, the plastic tube that connects the spikes to the reservoir automatically draws water into the soil.

Some watering spikes that you buy do not come with their own reservoirs. This means that you have to come up with yours. Look for your own attractive container.

Terracotta plant waterers are liked by many people because of their attractive natural look. You can choose the one with a long neck bottle of your choice. You will get others with a neck like the pretty wine bottle.

Some people have used a two-liter soda bottle, but the problem is that the container is very heavy when full. You need to place the reservoir over the plants so that siphoning action work properly.

          Plant watering globes

Plant watering globes are popular because of their lovely glass globes with a hollow spike that you fill water. When the soil is dry the water leaches from the globe into the soil through the spikes that have been inserted into the soil.

This is the best self-watering system as it does not involve hoses and tubes protruding everywhere. If you have a large pot, you will be forced to buy more than one globes for efficient watering of the plants.

2.    Indoor drip watering systems

When using the drip watering system, you don’t have to remember the last time you reservoir on your self-contained pots as you can run a drip system to those same pots and set a timer.

Drip watering systems are one of the systems that cannot be easily seen as you have obvious tubes running towards and across your herb pot collection. For low-maintenance watering, drip watering system can be hardly beat. You can creatively design the drip system to camouflage the drip lines.

With this system, the dry soil is not the one activating the water to run in the system like most self-watering systems. Instead, this one has a set timer that releases water on the set time and turns off after a set time. The problem with this is that you can overwater the plants or even flood your gardening area.

If you choose to buy a drip for watering purposes in your garden, you need to consider buying two timing systems. This is because you will be having ‘’wet feet’’ herbs which will require frequent watering with less water and ‘’dry feet’’ herbs which need to be watered for longer with more time between the watering.

One example of this drip system is the oasis plant watering system which is completely independent of your faucet since it has a water reservoir that can hold up to 6.6 gallons of water. The number of days can be adjusted in the system by simply turning the dial for up to 40 days, and it will water up to 20 plants.

So, if you are planning for a vacation, you need to consider buying this type of system that will keep your plants watered and healthy. You will avoid the expense of hiring a house sitter or begging a friend to come and water your plants while you will be away. The oasis is the unique type of watering system that you need to buy if you frequently travel, go out of town or just if you are forgetful.

         3. Self-watering pots and containers

Self watering planters and self watering pots are among the things that you must have in your herb garden. The planters come in multiple colors and sizes for almost any design that you may want. The best self-watering pots should have a deep reservoir which is enough to store water for several days and allow for easy access to refill when needed.

There exist several types of self-watering pots in the market these days. Here are a few of them.

The self-watering pot reservoir

Self-Watering Pot Planter ReservoirIf you want a nice low-cost to option to build your own low maintenance watering system, you can decide to buy a self-watering conversion kit. It is the best as it can convert the existing pot or planter to one that will water itself. Most of them are great, but the problem is that most of them are plastic and they do have a limited option for style and color. With these conversion kits, you can decide to buy convert a heavyweight ceramic or stone planter into a self-watering unit. Pots and planter kits are available in the following 2 sizes;

One quart with a 9.5-inch diameter

One gallon with a 12.5-inch diameter




Self-watering mini-cube pots

self-watering herb planterThe size of these mini-cubes is enough to hold a 4 to 4 1\2 inch pot. This is the right size for most herbs which are sold locally in the local garden center which make the planting process easy. You just pick the herbs of your choice and discard the container in which the herb was in and put it in the container and fill up the reservoir.

These pots are made by LECHUZA which is a well-known company in producing pots and planters found in Germany. These reservoirs look great on a window sill and hold up to two cups of water.



        Stackable self-watering containers

If you want a nice way to grow herbs in a compact space, then you need to try stackable self-watering containers. They work the best when placed near a nice sunny window or porch. Inside the planter, there is a water reservoir that helps keep your plants hydrated. Water from the top trickles down through the system. These type of modular stacking planters allows you to add layers as your garden grows. It is best indoors where you don’t have enough space. You just find a space with sunlight and enjoy the fresh smell of the herbs throughout the year.

Vertical herb garden wall

This a unique concept which makes your garden wall the talk of everyone in the town. There are a variety of styles of this product that are lately found in the market. This is the best way to grow upwards especially where space is a problem. You will have some mounted on the wall, others outside on the fence. You can also decide and stay traditional by laying it flat.

Most of these planters have a water distribution system where water is added to the top, and it will distribute water equally to all the herbs. Grow spreading herbs like thyme that will drape over the sides of the garden boxes to create a nice piece of art.



What is a self-watering planter?

A self-watering planter is a system that consists of an outer pot that contains water and an inner pot that holds soil and the plant. Connecting the outer pot and the inner pot is a wick that allows the inner pot containing soil and the plant to withdraw water from the outer pot which is a water reservoir when the soil is dry through the process of capillarity.

Gardeners also take advantage of the self-watering system to deliver liquid fertilizers to the plant. They mix the soluble fertilizer with the water in the reservoir which then sip in together with the What most people like about the self-watering system is that you are not required to be always around for the plant to get watered and also get the required nutrients. It i, therefore, very important for those people who are always busy or those who are always on a journey.

Are self-watering planters good?

Self-watering planters have so many advantages than disadvantages.  For instance, self-watering planters is the most ideal way to keep the soil moist and therefore, improve the general health of the plant and therefore the output of the plant. One mistake that most farmers do is normally to over water the plants but, with the invention of self-watering plants, this can no longer happen.

Ideally, self-watering planters are best for those people who like traveling. Before the invention of self-watering planters, many plants used to die because of lack of moisture in the roots. Self-watering planters have become the perfect solution for that.

Also, self-watering planters have become a solution for those plants which were difficult to water because of the awkward location they were grown like in rocky places

More so, self-watering planters are ideal for any type of plant. They are also good for roots of any plant as they do not result to root rot. Therefore, self-watering planters are good.

How do you make a self-watering Mason jar planter?

  1. Measure a water bottle and cut it into half and retain the bottle top.

Invert the water bottle inside the Mason jar such that the neck of the bottle faces the inside of the Mason jar.

  1. Cut six strands of cotton string and knot them together to make a loose 3 to 4 inches wick. You need approximately 12 inches of cotton strands to make this.
  2. Cut a net into a square form, fold it into half and cut a small hole in the middle. You then place the net over the top of the Mason jar.
  3. Thread the threads you had made through the hole making sure that longer strips hang loosely inside the Mason jar.
  4. You then remove the netting and fill the Mason jar with rocks and water until when it is 3 quarter full. The purpose of the rock is just for decoration and therefore, it is not a must that you put them inside the Mason jar. After that, you put back the netting and the cotton wicks.
  5. Create a watering tube by putting the bottle top on the end of the straw that accurately fits it. You then put the watering tube through the netting while the bottle top rests just above the netting.
  6. Place the cut off the bottle on top of the mason jar, netting and through the watering tube and then put soil and pants to the inside of the cut of the water bottle. You then fill the dirt to about half inch of the rim.
  7. Finally, trim the wicks of the liner and replace the Mason jar lid.

Do self-watering planters cause root rot?

The main reason behind plant rot for many plants is shallow watering of the plants. However, with the utilization of self-watering planters, this problem will be eliminated as self-watering planters make sure that the roots of the plants are well fed with water. Self-watering planters really make sure that the roots of plants are deeply watered. They so, make sure that the main reason behind root growth that is shallow watering of roots of a plant is eliminated. So, we are able to conclude that self-watering planters don’t cause plant disease.

Are self-watering pots good for succulents?

Self-watering pots are containers that include outer pot or bottom reservoir that holds further water. Water is forced from the reservoir into the plants’ root ball as required. These containers are typically made up of plastic. Most self-watering containers will survive for many days or additional. These pots may be nice for plants that need to remain damp and helpful for plants that need frequent watering. They are conjointly handy for those that tend to forget to water their plants or those who like travelling from time to time. They are usually not ideal for cacti and succulents or alternative plants that like a dry medium. The soil can keep too damp for succulents and cacti which may build them vulnerable to plant disease. Self-watering pots are therefore, not good for succulent plants as they can cause root rot and many other diseases.

Do self-watering pots really work?

Self-watering containers work on a reservoir system. There is a water tank, typically at the underside of the instrumentation that you fill. There is an associate overflow hole, thus excess water merely drains away. The soil soaks up the water from the underside, thus as long as you retain the reservoir crammed, your plants get the same level of wet, delivered on to their roots. The reservoir system makes self-watering containers terribly water economical. Because water is kept away from direct sunlight and wind, it evaporates very slowly and therefore, less water is, therefore, lost than if you spray water on your plants. Also, there is a less likelihood of flora and diseases of the plant as a result of keeping water off your plants’ leaves by feeding them directly through their roots.

Top 5 air pumps for hydroponics: Reviews and top picks

top 5 air pumps for hydroponics

This article is going to deeply look into the top 5 air pumps for hydroponics that one can buy online at an affordable price. But, first, you need to know the meaning of hydroponics. This term refers to growing of plants in the absence of soil.

Hydroponics is a 2 Greek word hydro meaning water and ponics meaning labor. Hydroponics has become a popular practice these days as it provides the correct quantity of nutrients and light to plants at the right time. Hydroponics also maintain the correct temperature for the plants for proper growth.

How are air pumps important to hydroponic plants?

Plants need water, nutrients, light, and air to survive. Plants grown hydroponically will need all these requirements, but they cannot get them on their own. This means that they need human assistance to get them. Remember that hydroponic plants grow without soil and all plants require dissolved oxygen in the soil for them to survive.

So, to maintain the survival of hydroponic plants, you need to have air pumps to maximize the level of oxygen for them. For the effectiveness of air pumps in providing dissolved oxygen to plants, high-quality air stones are needed. Also, you need to have the best air pump for dwc if you want your gardening to be successful. 

Hydroponics are normally made of air compressors attached to a delivery hose and an air stone connected to the tip of the delivery tube.

What to consider when buying an air pump

For people doing indoor gardening, 500 to 600 cc of air is needed by plants per minute. Those doing commercial farming, a more powerful air pump is needed. So, you buy an air pump depending on the type of farming you are practicing.

Air pumps normally produce a lot of noise which does not go well with everybody. You, therefore, need to buy an air pump which does not make a lot of noise when operating.

Top 5 air pumps for hydroponics

The following are the best air pumps for hydroponics that will help you get value for your money.

CNZ Commercial air pump with six outlets

This air pump was developed by CNZ Company. It has six air pumps and is suitable for use in fish farms, aquariums, and hydroponics.

This type of air pump can support 4 to 22 outlets and hence provide powerful and reliable performance. The piston and the cylinder of this air pump are durable and quite stable. This makes the pump the most appropriate to be used outdoors.

One good thing about this air pump is that you can use it without oil. To add on it, this air pump does not make a lot of noise when being used. It can, therefore, be used throughout the day and night.

What is the pump made of?

This pump is electromagnetic. It is made of aluminum alloy case that makes it durable. This pump weighs less just about 2 pounds. The warranty period for this product is six months, but there is an added protection plan at an additional price of only $ 5.61. This pump runs at 35 watts and pushes air at a speed of 40 liters per minute.

Advantages of this pump

  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It can be used without oil
  • It can run many air stones at the same time
  • It is multi-purpose


  • Air pumps get heated so fast and stop working after sometime
  • It has a short warranty period. Only six months!

Active aqua commercial air pump

This type of pump is best for hydroponics use. It has eight outlets that can support several air stones simultaneously. Its cylinder and piston are durable.

This pump is very powerful and produces a lot of air bubbles. It pushes air at a speed of 25 liters per minute or about 400 gallons per minute. This pump operates at 12 watts.

This pump is advantageous as it has a low power consumption rate. Even if you use it daily for a full month, you will spend a little money on power bills.

The pump has a rubber that works to maintain a steady flow of air. Its pressure can also be adjusted.

This pumps also come with a multi-level silencer which makes the pump silent. You can, therefore, use it inside the house, and it won’t produce any disturbing sound.

This pump is also lightweight weighing about 2.6 pounds. You can, therefore, carry it around while using.

It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • It is durable
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with eight outlets
  • It has a low power consumption rate.
  • It is affordable


The company making the pump claims that the pump is extremely silent, but some customers have complained about the noise that the pump produces.

Ecoplus 728450 1 to 18W single outlet commercial air pump, 793 GPH

This is the bestselling pump in Amazon, and it has been rated as the best in Amazon. It can be used in fish farms, aquariums, and hydroponics system. The pumps and pistons are durable as they are made of high-quality materials which make them resistant.

This pump has an air manifold for optimum performance. It has 4 to 16 outlets. Ecoplus air pump can operate without oil and makes no noise. This makes it suitable for use indoors. It also has an in-built flow regulator that allows adjustability of the air movement.

This pump can also be used in heavy duty conditions and does not break easily. If the pump gets over-heated while being used, you need to put it in a cool place to regulate its temperature.

Ecoplus air pump is very powerful that it can push 793 gallons of air per hour. You can run it throughout the day without any problem.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • It is affordable
  • It is multi-purpose
  • Its performance is reliable and powerful
  • It is durable


  • There are complaints from customers saying that the pump is a little noisy
  • The pump has a slight rubbery smell

General hydroponics dual diaphragm air pump of 320 GPH

This is the pump that the company claims that it is the only one available for use in hydroponic uses. It comes with four outlets that are a quarter inch each. It has a powerful performance because it can pump a large amount of oxygen. The pump can split off twice to be powerful enough to provide air to pump at least eight water farm units.

This pump can push of 320 gallons of air per minute or let’s say roughly 20 liters per minute, and it operates at three psi. The pump can last for long and can be used to perform heavy duties. It comes with two diaphragms and the noise emitted from the pump is nil.

You need to know that you can buy a rebuilt pump from the market. You can also have your pump repaired in case of any problem.

The pump operates at 120 volts and 60 HZ.  It is the favorite for the customer because of its lightweight nature, reliable performance, and its durability.

This pump comes with a 1-year warranty.

Advantages of the pump

  • It is powerful and reliable
  • It is lightweight
  • It does not produce any sound
  • You can repair it when it gets damaged
  • It is a double diaphragm pump making it more efficient.


  • This pump is a little expensive when compared to other competitive pumps.

Elemental O2 commercial air pump, 951 GPH

This powerful air pump used for hydroponics is built inside a durable aluminum alloy. It has a piston and a cylinder that is not a subject to wear and tear,

This pump can push 951 gallons per hour which is reliable for use. It is suitable for use in aquariums and also hydroponic system. The oxygen air pump has an adapter with six outlets for dividing air and a connection tubing of a quarter inch ID.

This pump does not make any noise like other pumps. You can even reduce the noise from the pump by putting a towel on it. The pump occupies a little space, light-weight and is portable.

It operates at 35 watts, 120 volts.

It has a 1-year warranty that can be extended by paying only $5.61 for the further protection plan.

Advantages of the pump

  • It is lightweight
  • It is made of long-lasting aluminum alloy
  • The pump is very powerful
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It can also be used in hydroponics apart from being used in aquariums


  • Some people have been complaining about the noise from the machine.

My best pick

General hydroponics dual diaphragm air pump

All the mentioned pumps are powerful and durable, but if we are to make a choice that is choosing the best one general hydroponics dual diaphragm could have taken the lead.

This is because the pump has all the qualities required in hydroponic air pumps. It ensures that the flow of air is even and powerful. The pump also does not make any noise while operating.

There are other hydroponic air pumps that you can like to use. Check them below.




best electric pressure washer

Pressure washers are known as outdoor washers, whatever you call them, they are a good help for home cleaning services, and they all work the same. They work pretty simply, water enters the machine at low pressure, and an electric motor pumps it out through a hose and spray nozzle at high pressure. They are the perfect alternative for other cleaning options like garden hoses and physical cleaning. But getting the best electric pressure washers can be hard given the many designs available.
The technology behind these machines is set to give homeowners easy time when cleaning. Cleaning is one of the chores that are necessary and a must in the life of human beings. Technology has improved in this field and made things more comfortable and better for everyone; you can now clean without even feeling like you are cleaning.
And just like a mower blade sharpener has helped gardeners, electric cleaners have come up strong as the best solution for cleaning cars, sideways, patios and other surfaces. It is as easy as setting your equipment in place and switching it one to start cleaning. If you are planning to buy an electric pressure cleaner, however, there are a few things to consider. best electric pressure washer

Things to consider when buying an electric pressure washer

The purpose

Different pressure cleaners are made for different purposes; they come in different sizes according to the use intended. You must, first of all, describe the purpose of acquiring the machine. Some are made simply for home use; others are made for medium or heavy duty cleaning. You will get an idea of what kind of device to acquire when you know the purpose.

Power and power consumption

You need to find a machine that gives you the best service while saving money. Electricity can be costly, and anything that consumes too much can be a disaster. To be on the safe side, find a machine that consumes less power.
You can know cleaning power through pounds per square (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM). The cleaning unit (CU) is the test to use for better cleaning power.


Pressure washers are used for outdoor services, and there is a lot of moving around with them. For this reason, don’t go for a machine because it looks pretty; go for one that you can easily move around with. Consider the length of the power cord as well as the spray for better service. It is very bad when you buy a machine and find out you cannot move it around and the wheels don’t roll.


Consider the warranty you are getting from your manufacturer. There are those who claim to offer very long warranties. Ensure you read the fine print carefully to understand what the warranty covers. The warranty may cover the engine only or the pump only. You read the instructions carefully so that you don’t get confused when you need compensation.

Top 7 best electric pressure washers

Meditool electric pressure washer 3000PSI

With this machine, your washing is not just washing; it is made more fun and better. It has a powerful motor with 1800-watt for a maximum cleaning power of up to 3000PSI. It is powered by using an air-cooled industrial motor; dirt will not stand a chance as the power blasts through it restoring your surface to full cleanness.

The machine is designed with a compact upright design axle mounted wheels so that you can roll with mobility and ease as you do your cleaning. The trigger spray is made with a pistol design that dispenses efficiently to give you efficient pressure washing. You get interchangeable nozzles, with this you get tackle light, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning tasks so that you have a chance to choose the best flow according to the surface texture.

When it comes to saving energy, this machine is got you covered with a safety automatic total stop system. It shuts off the pump whenever the trigger is not on. Apart from this, the power cord is 33ft long with inline GFCI, so you don’t struggle with exterior outlets. This product has a vast number of applications for cleaning solutions: all types of vehicles, homes, boats, driveways, etc.

For easy outdoor reach and removal of dirt, grime, gunk, oil, rust, mildew and so on, this is the item to acquire. It has 20 ft. high-pressure hose for greater reach.


Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer

If you want to keep your home clean and fashionable, you can trust the Snow Joe + Sun Joe products. The pressure Joe SPX3001 is one product that will give you ultimate dirt fighting solution for your toughest home, outdoor and auto cleaning projects with ease and style. It will easily get rid of road tar, tree sap and insect splats from your car, remove grease deposits from concrete and other tough stains.
It is packed with a powerful 1800-Watt/14.5-amp motor that produces up to 2030 PSI water pressure and 1.76 GPM of water flow. With such power, you are sure to receive maximum cleaning. You can customize and adjust the spray depending on the cleaning task.

It is equipped with an extra-large 40.6 fluid ounce (1.2-liter) detergent tank that is a perfect tool for blasting any dirt and debris. It has a 34-inch extension spray wand with rear wheels that provides you maximum maneuverability and easy access to tight spaces; beneath decks, behind grills, gutters, patio furniture, etc. Apart from these, it includes an onboard hose reel for quick and easy clean-up and storage.


Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX200E 1350 PSI 1.45 GPM 10-Amp Electric pressure washer

If you have been having trouble with dirt in your house and around your home, then it is time you looked at the technology way. Snow +J Sun SPX200E is the machine that will leave you satisfied. With its adjustable spray wand, twist nozzle and easy controls, it is proven ideal for all light to medium cleaning jobs with great saving power. It is made with a great and powerful motor that generates 1350PSI and maximum water flow at a rate of 1.45 GPM.

The system is made with a saving plan in place, so you don’t experience any loss whether you are working all round or not. It has a total stop system functionality, automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged saving you energy to a great length. Apart from this, the pump’s lifespan is prolonged.

The cleaner also has an extension ward measuring 20ft with a high-pressure hose, garden hose adapter together with a 35ft power cord GSI protection to give reach in every section for maximum cleaning. This is simply a system you can trust for your home cleaning.


Snow Joe Sun Joe SPX200e 1350 PSI 1.45 GPM 10Amp Electric pressure pump

This is one of the best electric pressure washers on the market for light to medium cleaning jobs. It is ideal for anyone looking to have the best experience fighting dirt with its twist nozzle that enables easy control for water pressure.

The item has a powerful 10-amp motor that generates 1350 PSI of maximum water pressure and maximum flow rate of 1.45GPM. It is a TSS, Total Stop System that automatically shuts off the pump whenever you engage the trigger, this prolongs life as well as save energy.

It has a 20 ft. extension wand with a high-pressure hose, a garden hose adapter and a 35ft power cord with GFCI protection. If you are tired of dirt around you and in your home, then go with this machine.


Karcher K2000 Electric Power Pressure Washer 2000 PSI TruPressure

One of the features that should catch your attention when acquiring any item is the manufacturer. Karcher is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of home cleaning products. Karcher K2000 is one of the products that will give you quality service for all your cleaning needs. It is built with a high-end performance with 2000PSI and 1.3 GPM water flow rate.

Talk about style and the integrated metal extrusions with oversized wheels plus a robust design that enables you to take it wherever you want, will not escape your attention. As much as this may sound complicated, it is very easy to use with high cord wind, long handle, bucket storage bin, space-rotating handle, dual removable detergent tanks, pressurized hose reel and an on/off foot switch.

It has simplified nozzle and accessory usage with its universal quick-connect wands. It is made with an induction motor that can withstand the rigorous demands of residential usage.


AR Blue clean AR390SS 2000 PSI electric pressure washer

One of the features that lack in most electric cleaners is durability. With AR390SS-2000 however, there is no cause for alarm since it is made with durability in mind. It is an updated and upgraded version of the popular 390 model. It generates 2000PSI, which is roughly above 30% as much pressure than the normal garden hose while reducing water consumption by over 80%, it is a saving machine.

You can change the nozzles any time you feel necessary by attaching the 25-degree nozzle tip for normal high-pressure cleaning, and or the 0-degree nozzle tip for concentrated high-pressure spray. It even gets better if you have tough jobs; with a rotary/turbo nozzle that increases pressure up to 50%. You do not need to struggle with adjusting the detergent either since it has a low-pressure spray soap nozzle tip that automatically activates the detergent tank for easy application using a spray gun.

The AR 390SS is perfect for medium to heavy-duty cleaning projects with the superior difference that you will not regret. It has a pro-style spray gun, zinc steel lance and quick coupler nozzle fitting and a 35” power cord with auto reset GFCI. Apart from the user-friendly swivel power cord, the product is constructed with onboard storage giving you easy setup and accessory storage not to forget Total Stop System features.


Realm BY02-BIMH, Electric Pressure washer

Technology as at its peak with this system that comes with stylish features for efficiency. With the power of pressurized water jets, realm washer is simply the most efficient way for cleaning siding, driveways, cars, patio furniture, and lawn equipment. Great quality is ensured with an advanced pump which has double sealing. It gives you the power to spray and scrape away grit and grime with ease, having a maximum power of 3000PSI and 1.80 GPM.

The system has a 120-volt, 15amp induction motor that is lightweight, efficient and reliable. With the energy saving functionality, the system automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger gun is not engaged which prolongs the lifespan. It has connectors between every joint like hose and gun, gun and machine, etc. so that you can easily assemble the machine.

You can get various sets of optional accessories for different occasions, including adjustable telescopic rod, snake hose cleaner, turbo nozzle, brush, and patio cleaner. It also comes fully equipped with a 19-ft high-pressure hose, powerful gun with 5 spray nozzles. It also has a soap dispenser; a 35-foot GFCI- equipped power cord, with convenient storage for all equipment attached.


How to maintain an electric pressure washer

Electric pressure washers are a good way to take care of your cleaning problems while having fun and enjoyment. Here are a few tips to care for your best electric pressure washer.

Dry it after use

The best way to make sure your washer last longer is to ensure its dry when not in use. Leaving it with water may corrode the pump due to mineral build-up. After every cleaning, make sure you flush out every inch of water to avoid the corrosion that can waste seals and pistons.

Store the engine well after use

The engines of most small washers have a very low lifespan, about 200 hours. To ensure you extend this lifespan, you can make sure you drain the oil after using and refilling with new every time. Always run it with the fresh fuel supply.

Increase the hose length

Solve the problem of having to carry your washer to different locations by increasing the hose length. Most come with a 25ft long hose, but you can extend it up to 50ft. You will no longer have to switch off the machine from time to time as you move to different rooms. The extra hose will cause a slight pressure and volume drop, but the power will be fine.


Dry O-rings are not good for your washer because they can bend a little and cause damage to it. Water can wash out oil whenever you are using your machine, for this reason, apply new coating after every five uses or whenever you feel the rings are dry.

Other ways to care for your best electric pressure washer

There are many other ways to take care of your machine to last longer; these include using the right pressure washer nozzle for the job, pull the washer trigger first, use only pressure washer soaps that are recommended and many others.


Technology has improved the way of life to every human being. Every area is touched with great innovations and technological advancement. It is therefore good to embrace them for better living. Cleaning surfaces have never been easier as it is with the best electric pressure washers.
As you use the cleaners, however, make sure you understand all the safety precautions that come with them. Take your time to read the instructions because it is very easy to cause damage and even body harm. For modern lifestyle and demand, it is important to acquire such a machine that makes cleaning work easy so you can have time to do other things.

Want quality incubator? Consider the following

Quality incubators

Traditionally, it was the sole responsibility of the mother hens to hatch their chicks in the chicken coops. But the number of hatchlings were far much less than the demand of baby chickens as well as grown-up chickens in the society. This made it necessary to allow technology to play its role in helping suppliers meet the market demand of chicks and chickens in general. The egg incubator was invented to help people hatch their desired number of baby chickens at any given time. But one thing you need to understand is the fact that there are various types of egg incubators, each with its unique features. There are things that you need to understand before buying an incubator. This makes it necessary to read through chicken incubator reviews before buying. And in this article, I will help you know what you must always have in mind to get the best chicken incubator.

Quality incubator requirements

The egg capacity

The number of eggs you want your incubator to hold is an important factor. This will be determined by the number of chicks you want to supply. Also, you should consider the number of eggs you have to put in the incubator. In most cases, sellers of hatchlings prefer incubators with a large capacity if the demand of the chicks is high and also if there are plenty of eggs. However, it is critical to note that eggs should not be a huge factor to consider since you can choose to have your eggs through best egg layer chickens. If you are looking for an incubator for your use, which is non-commercial, then you don’t have to spend a lot on an incubator with an enormous capacity. You can just go for a cheap egg incubator that is enough to suit your needs.

The durability of the incubator

You are supposed to think about the cost of keeping the incubator in good shape for a long time. This is important since it will help you determine the duration of the incubator before paying for it. The cost of maintaining an incubator is high. An incubator that breaks down frequently is expensive to maintain. And this might be an important reason why you need to read chicken egg incubator reviews before settling on any incubator.

The warranty that the seller of the incubator has given you should act as a good reference when thinking of the durability of an incubator. If the warranty covers only a few months, then you have every reason to doubt the durability of the incubator. No seller would want to give a warranty of so many months when he knows he is selling you the worst egg incubator. Best incubator for hatching eggs always come with warranties that go into years. This is because the seller understands what he is selling to you. And he knows it can last for a very long time.

Availability of spare parts

It is important to understand the parts used when making the incubator. This will enable you to get a spare in the event any part of the incubator gets spoilt. It is also important to ask the seller to highlight some of the after-sale services that he offers. Things such as transportation and installation need to be included in the after-sale services since you might not have the expertise required to install the incubator. You also need t check whether the seller understands how to service the incubator, just in case it gets spoilt.

Power back-up

You need to anticipate those times when the power will not available. This is important since such will inform your decision of purchasing a sizeable power backup for your incubation process. Many farmers have gotten into losses by simply ignoring this simple yet very crucial part of incubation. The size of the incubator determines the size of the power backup that you will have to buy. And as stated earlier, the size of the incubator will depend upon the egg capacity of the incubator.

Amount of labor required

Hatching is not a simple task, especially if you buy low-quality incubators. Many functions will need to be attended to at any given time. It is this factor that one must consider the amount of labor that will be required for the efficient functioning of the incubator. Among the most critical tasks is hygiene. You must ensure that the brooder is clean all the time and this might need a considerable amount of labor. There are automatic incubators that can maintain their hygiene through what is called self-disinfecting UV lamps. Even though this type of incubator is expensive, it is the most recommended since you will not be incurring lots of costs on cleanliness.

Best egg layers: Top 5 chicken breeds for eggs

best egg layers

It is true that every type of chicken can produce good eggs. But this is not to say that all chickens are best egg layers. Egg production differs among the many chicken breeds available.

After getting your best chicken coop, the next thing you need to do is decide whether you want to fill it with layers or broilers. Again, you must determine if you’re going to rear chicken for personal use or commercial purpose. This will depend on which you find more profitable in the long run.

Broiler chickens can be profitable in the short-run given that you don’t have to keep them for long. Within a few weeks after hatching, the hens will be ready for sale. This is contrary to their counterparts, which you have to keep for months before they start laying.

But the length of time you need to rear the chickens before you start benefiting should not dupe you. Even though it is true that you only need a few weeks to sell your chickens, the amount of resources you will need to sustain them within those few weeks is more. You must understand how to feed your chickens after they hatch if you want them to grow well and faster. You can get quality information on morninghomestead regarding how to feed your chicks. Anyone rearing chicken will agree that broilers tend to feed too much, and thus you need a lot of money to be able to buy them enough chicken feed.

Also, you will get a loss if after the hens are ready for sale and you don’t have a ready market. This means that before you start rearing broilers, you need first to identify and secure the market where you will sell them.

As for layers, you will feed them for long before they start giving you eggs. But you will also agree that you will have less stress since you can be able to keep the eggs for long without them spoiling.

The choice of whether to fill your chicken barn with broilers or layers is a personal decision.

Things to consider before buying best egg layers

Rearing chickens can be fun, especially if you are passionate about it. However, if you choose to rear chickens just because everyone is doing it, then prepare yourself for the shock of your life.

To be successful and get value from the best egg layers you buy, there are some things you need to know:


Just like any other type of job, rearing chickens need your attention as well. You have to spend much of your time doing various chores for your flocks. Among the everyday things that will need your time are feeding, watering, cleaning collecting eggs and many others. This is the most straightforward way to ensure that you benefit from the layers. Also, you will be able to detect illnesses early if you spend time with them.

Proper housing

Thinking that you can venture into poultry farming without spending money on getting the best coop is lying to oneself. Egg-laying chickens need an excellent place to be able to lay many eggs in a year.

As you think of the coop design for your hens, remember that the hens will need nesting boxes, ventilation, bedding, and many other things. The climate of the area where you want to rear chickens will help you determine which type of coop to buy.

Inside the house, you need to install the best chicken feeders and waterers so that the chicken feed and drink water at any time they want. This might be expensive though.


Rearing chicken is not a child play as they say. You need money to raise chickens and get good returns. You need to plan your budget well to ensure that it can sustain your chicken rearing project.

The amount of money you need to start poultry will depend on many factors like the number of chickens you want to raise, cost and type of nesting boxes, bedding among others.

However, it is critical to note that you will not have to spend a lot of money all the time. The high cost will only apply during the early stages.

Many other things will determine how profitable your venture is. As an entrepreneur, you should have a self-motivation for layers.

Top 5 chicken breeds for eggs

Isa brown

The Isa brown hens are an exceptional breed of chickens. They are little-feathered and start producing eggs as soon as they reach 16 weeks.

These chickens have a healthy body size, an attribute that can be the reason for the many eggs they lay. Maintaining these hence does not require a lot of resources as they can quickly adapt to various kinds of environments.

With a weight of between 4.5-5.8kgs, the Isa brown hens are believed to be more substantial than any other chicken breed. As mentioned earlier, it is this weight that enables it to lay eggs between 300 and 350 per year.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance chicken breed, then you have no reason to doubt this breed. It will make your layers-rearing work more manageable.


weight Male: 3kgs
Female: 2kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 300-350 per year
Country of origin France

The leghorn

This chicken breed is named after the Leghorn port in Italy. This bird is celebrated for being the best egg layer not just in Italy, where it was initially bred, but across the world since it has become an international brand in the poultry industry.

best egg layers

Its average weight is between 2.5 and 3.5kgs and will give you approximately 280-320 eggs in a year.

With a varying plumage, this bird comes in different varieties.


weight Male: 2.7kgs
Female: 2.3kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color white
Comb type Single or rose
Number of eggs 280-320 per year
Country of origin Italy


This bird was originally bred in Australia, thus the name Australorp. The bird is an excellent layer, producing approximately 250-300 eggs per year. The eggs are usually light brown.

best egg layers

You will always find these birds beautiful and attractive in your backyard. They are black with a beetle green tinge. Their weight is around 3-4kgs.

For more productivity, you will need to provide a spacious environment as they like to free-range.


weight Male: 4.1kgs
Female: 3.1kgs
Skin color white
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 250-300 per year
Country of origin Australia

Plymouth Rock

This is an American breed of chicken. Before becoming a worldwide brand among the layers, this breed began its life in infamy. This hen is popularly known due to its ability to lay throughout winter. With this breed, you can be sure of getting approximately 200-250 eggs per year.

best egg layers

You will find them in different varieties such as white, buff, silver penciled and many other.


weight Male: 3.4kgs
Female: 2.95kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 200-300 per year
Country of origin USA

The Rhode Island chicken

This chicken is an American breed developed in the late nineteenth century. Cross-breeding oriental birds with brown leghorns from Italy produced this bird.

best egg layers

Initially, this breed was meant for the dual purpose, ie. For eggs and meat. However, their ability to lay many eggs in a year changed their goal and are now purely for eggs.

Below are the features of this breed of chicken:

weight Male: 3.9kgs
Female: 2.9kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 200-300 per year

How to care for chickens

Choosing the best egg layers is not all there is to have the most eggs. You need to understand the best practices when handling chickens. Let us look at the things you need to do to provide the best environment for your poultry.

Provide clean water

It should be your daily routine to provide fresh and clean water for your layers. Remember that chicken droppings, shavings and other types of dirt can get into the water. It should be your duty to ensure that the hens are getting clean water at all time.

Every morning, visit the chicken coop to clean and sanitize the waterer. Change the water regularly so that your chickens enjoy fresh water all the time. You can also use nipple drinkers for the chicken to ensure that the chickens do not make the water dirty.

Feed them regularly

To get the best out of your egg layers, you need to ensure that they are well-fed at all times. Get the best chicken feeders and add chicken feeds on it. You can have a schedule on when to feed your birds.

Collect eggs on time

What else will make you happier than collecting eggs? Collecting them earlier, however, can be a hard task for some people. You need to remove the eggs from the nesting boxes when they are still clean and fresh. Also, an early collection will help you minimize the number of cracked eggs.

Keep the coop clean

To keep illnesses away from your chickens, you need to ensure that they are living in a clean environment. It should be your first duty every morning to clean the chicken barn. Remove all the droppings and make sure the coop is dry.

Also, you need to change the beddings at least ones every month.


Having hundreds of chickens in your chicken coop is prestigious. The feeling that one gets when collecting the eggs is always unmatched. But for you to get such a good experience, you need to ensure that you buy the best egg layers on the market.

Ensuring that the hens are given the best conditions is another sure way of getting g the most out of your chickens. Thus it is essential that you understand how to take good care of your best egg layers.

Best gardening tips: Introduction to best gardening practices

Gardening to some is just an activity, while to others, it is a hobby. Still, there are some that take gardening as their means of livelihood. Before you start the process, you have to define the need first. What is it that you expect to get at the end of it all? What is the force that drives you into gardening? In this case the motivation. Do you do it for food? Or do you do it as a source of income? How will whatever you are doing benefit you and or the people? Answering questions like these will set you on the right path for a great achievement and success, whether you are specializing in pure gardening or other forms of farming as highlighted on morning homestead. Here are a few gardening tips for beginners.

Gardening tips #1: Develop a personal interest

Interest in gardening is essential as not everyone can venture into gardening and achieve excellent results. To succeed, you have to create interest and liking. Developing a personal interest in it is the surest way of getting it right in this field. Personally, I believe everyone can garden, but not everyone will be great at it. Think of it like cooking; you may have come across great chefs. If so, you know that just anyone can cook, but not everyone can do it to perfection.

Gardening is like so too, you have to like what you do; otherwise, you are just wasting your time. Take your mind and put to it. It is easy to forget about those little plants growing in your garden if you have so much on your mind and that is a wrong sign. Think of it like just any other work, if you lack focus and motivation, the probability of achieving the desired results are very low. Modern farming more so requires a lot of attention. In simple terms, you have to want it.

Gardening tips #2: Conduct in-depth research

You know, one thing about gardening is that it can be as easy as acquiring seeds and throwing them in a farm somewhere then watching over them as they grow. One thing to note, however, there is a lot that you need to put into consideration. It is okay to want to do it, but you have to do it right. Do some homework on the type of farming you want to do. Note that, not every plant is suitable for every climate. Whether you are doing outside gardening or controlled conditions farming, it is essential to know just how well your plants are likely to survive in those conditions and give you maximum productivity.

A research can help you make up your mind and decide on the best conditions for your garden. It can help ensure you do not incur any loss in your venture. Patience is a virtue that serves in all situations and even in gardening, you have to apply some. You want to find out the right soil for your plants, how to keep the conditions stable and correct methods for particular plants. Go ahead and research. While doing this, have in mind where you want to place your garden.

The internet provides information on almost everything in the world today. Because of this, you will not lack useful information and advice on how to carry out your activity in a particular area. Apart from the internet, many books and other materials that offer advice on farming also exist. You can also consult experts.

Gardening tips #3: Invest in your garden

Investing in your garden may seem so obvious, yet it is not as it seems. Gardening can be an excellent opportunity for investment and achieving personal goals. For this reason, it is essential that one finds a way of investing in it. Investment is not all about money. While is it true that you will need money to make any form of investment, it is also true that you will need other things too, like your time. Putting in your time to make sure that you have done your best in whatever you are getting into will give you an advantage over others with the same ambition.

Time is the most critical thing in the life of human beings. Likewise, it is needed for plants to thrive. Keep a close eye and concentrate on your garden. If yours is for commercial purposes, then you know at the end of the day you will have to count profits and losses. Time matters because you will have to account for all the time you took on the job and the yield it gives. If you are spending too much time, but the returns are low, you may want to reconsider what you are doing.

Any business needs capital or input. Whatever comes out of your business is determined by how much you put in. After doing your research as mentioned above, take your time to come up with a proper budget and a time frame. You do not wish to start then get stack midway because you lacked funds to purchase a particular product. If you have a budget, you will work within it to make sure everything, however, little goes according to plan.

Gardening tips #4: Get everything ready

After doing your research and planning your budget, you probably have in mind what you will need and how you will do it. It is now time to get your gear together and set on that journey. Sometimes many gardeners make a mistake of forgetting to create a list of what they need, and so they have to go to the market over and over again. Make a simple list and gather your materials before you set on to do whatever you will do. Think of it as a building; you cannot just start from anywhere. You have to draw a plan, and compile materials in one place. Likewise, gardening requires such planning.

Collecting material saves you time and money. The key to getting it right is to do everything with a proper plan.

Best gardening opportunities

Hydroponic farming

Farming as a field has been able to witness tremendous changes from technological advancement in the world. Those who are aggressive enough have seized the opportunity and are doing marvelously through farm technology. Traditionally, those with land stand a better chance of earning well from farming. However, without land, you can still be able to farm and enjoy fresh produce from your garden. To some, this may sound next to an impossibility.

Hydroponic farming is merely the technique that involves growing any plants without having to implant them in the soil. This technique was discovered a couple of years ago since plants absorb nutrients through water which soaks the soil around them by botanists. It was seen that, if plants can absorb these nutrients and grow well, then there would be no need for turf. The soil has only worked as a reservoir for nutrients. Today, there is utterly no need for the soil since nutrients can be dissolved directly into the water through other means.

Today, the need for hydroponics farming has increased in many ways because of increased worry for pesticides when farming on a large scale. Plants that are produced through hydroponics have no pesticides, making them the best on the market.

Benefits provided by this type of farming are quite distinct. As mentioned above, you do not need soil to grow your crops which saves on space, and you will not have to worry about pests. Apart from these, the yields in hydroponic farming are quite rewarding since it allows for maximum absorption of nutrients by the plants. You can do it in your backyard with great ease. This technique has increased food production, especially in the developed countries. Early harvesting is another benefit that guarantees all year production.

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Aquaponics farming

Since you know what hydroponics is, it should be quite easy to understand Aquaponics. Before that, it is better you know one more term, aquaculture. Aqua means water, from the word, aquaculture is raising of aquatic animals such as fish, snails etc. in tanks. This is a very common practice in our homes and offices if not for commercial purposes.

Aquaponics gardening involves the combination of conventional Aquaponics with hydroponics in a symbiotically generated environment. When aquatic animals excrete, then toxicity to the tank may increase and kill them because the water is stagnant. Plants need the same waste as a source of nutrients. This happens when plants roots hang in the pool of an aquaculture system as a detoxifier.

Benefits offered by this system and the opportunities therein are manifold. To begin with, the economic viability of the system is quite high. In the modern world where land is not as available as before, finding new methods for sustainable food production seems a proper solution. You can grow vegetables and other plants while raring fish at the same time.

The system saves on water while at the same time, it does not require a vast space to grow crops. With a simple system, you are sure of a year-round production of plants and fish for food. Water is not recharged or exchanged under normal circumstances. The only thing required is a proper circulation system.

One of the biggest challenges that face Aquaponics is disease and pest management. While plants may need pesticides to control this issue, some of the pesticides applicable may harm the fish. This means that one has to use non-chemical methods such as traps and physical barriers. They all work as efficiently as any other methods; only they require some work but is an advantage to the users since they won’t have to worry about chemicals and possible poisoning in the produce.

A few primary methods are common to this practice. These include Deepwater culture (DWC) that uses a form of a raft floating in a channel filled with fish in distilled water. The method is also known as barge-based growing, and it is particularly useful when growing salad greens and related plants. Another conventional practice is known as the media-based growing which involves using s media such as shale or expanded clay pellets. Other methods are Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Vertical Aquaponics which are also useful.

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Grow rooms

This is one of the most fantastic growing techniques and technology. Grow room farming offers a way out to the food problem around the world. This method of farming can be defined as an interior area that has been designed to create compatibility with indoor gardening under a controlled environment. In simple terms it is indoor gardening. The rooms are usually wholly sealed leaving only spaces for ventilation. Some confuse grows rooms with grow tents since they have very many similarities.

One outstanding fact about grow rooms is that they can be of any size. It can be as small an extra room in your house, or a converted garage yet the yields are expressed to the maximum. This is one type of farming that you stand to count only profits at the end of the day if all conditions are kept under control.

When building a grow room, it is better to find out the best material to use. The conditions require control and the rooms are a bit wet so any content that can entertain molds should receive an x.

Grow rooms are different from greenhouses especially if you consider the benefits. It is easier to control conditions such as light, temperature, humidity etc.

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Farming is one of the ventures that can give you good returns today. With technology and increase in genetic foods, finding fresh foods especially in the first world countries may mean going through some hard times. But it doesn’t have to be so; you can do it on your own. Technology presents ways through which one can make a saving out of gardening. Today, even without land, you can still be able to garden. There are several soilless gardening ways like hydroponics. You can also create a farm inside your house through indoor farming methods like grow rooms.

Whether you are gardening for commercial purposes or just for personal interest, gardening needs time, planning and concentration. If you do it right, you will get good rewards, do it wrong and the opposite is true. With these gardening tips, you will surely get best returns out of your gardening activities.


Best-advanced chicken coops

Are you a chicken farmer thinking of how to get the best chicken coops for your chickens? If yes, then this article will provide the procedure for obtaining them. To be successful in rearing chickens, you must have the right house for them. The type of coop for your chickens will help you be able not just to clean it but also collect the eggs at the end of the day. There are good chicken coops designs that can help you design yours at home.

Features of best chicken coops

As you consider getting the best-advanced chicken coops for your chickens, it is essential that you know some of the characteristics of a good coop. This will help you avoid settling for chicken barns that are of low quality yet expensive. At the same time, understanding the features of a good barn will help you choose a coop that cannot allow predators in and thus bring you great losses. And if you are planning to build your own barn, then knowing the features will help you understand how to build a chicken coop that can serve your purpose well.

Size of the coop

A good chicken coop should be large enough to accommodate all your chickens. However, the size of the barn will depend on many other factors such as the number of chickens you have, their age, and breed among others. If you are rearing layer chickens, then a coop of about 1.5 to 2 square feet is enough. But if you have meat birds, then the size will be a little more. For bantam breeds, the volume will be a bit less. You can have large chicken coop plans for your chickens, but this is for your consideration.

Apart from the above factors, you will also need a walk in chicken coop so that you can easily get in and out for cleaning, collection of eggs, to feed and other things. You can get large chicken coop plans either by reading extensively or visiting stores where such chicken coop plans are sold.


Best rated chicken coops need to have proper ventilation for your chickens. The aeration will help remove toxic fumes as well as the bad smell. Whether it is a plastic chicken coop or wooden barn, the size and position of ventilation must matter as this will determine whether or not your birds get fresh air.


To say that your coop is among the best-advanced chicken coops, it must have proper padding to protect your chickens from elements of severe weather. The insulation is particularly important in areas that experience extreme winter and summer. You need to have your chickens protected against the extreme cold during winter as well as the sheer heat during summer.

Predator prevention

It is enormous work to rear chickens from chicks to adulthood. It will be painful if, after all the hard work, predators and pests come to feast on your birds. Therefore,  as you shop around for best chicken coop reviews, consider one that can provide maximum protection to your birds.

Waterers and feeders

Best-advanced chicken coops

A good chicken barn should have waterers and feeders well positioned to enable all the chickens to feed.

There are many things that you might want your barn to have. The above features are a MUST if you are to consider your coop among the best-advanced chicken coops.


  1. Pawhut wooden chicken coop

The pawhut wooden chicken coop is among the most favored by farmers. The coop is not just designed with a pretty green color to make it attractive, but the design also provides maximum comfort to the chickens. Measuring 83.24” by 35.5” by 48”, your chickens will have plenty of space to play around. It comes with a spacious nesting area, an outdoor area that is well-fenced and a ladder for your chickens to get on and off the coop.

As a precautionary measure against predators, the coops have a heavy duty wire mesh to ensure the safety of your chickens. The wire mesh also helps to provide plenty of fresh air for the chickens. There are many reasons why this coop is among the best-advanced chicken coops.

Given that hygiene is one of the things that are essential for the well-being of your chickens, the manufacturer has provided a droppings tray that is easily removable. This is to enable for easy cleaning of the coop. Also, to ensure a good environment for your chickens, this best-advanced chicken coop is made of china’s fir. This, coupled with the asphalt composite roof provides the best environment for your chickens. Its attractive color is not just best for your chickens; it has something to add to your yard as well.

Below are the pros and cons of this best-advanced chicken coop


  • Reasonably ventilated
  • Can offer plenty of roosts
  • The wood gets weather-proof treatment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean with the removable droppings tray
  • Has a decent-size run
  • It is well-lit


  • Has two nesting boxes only
  • Not durable as the wood is too soft
  • Has no place for a feeder
  • The hardware is poor quality

Even though this chicken coop has a considerable number of cons, generally, it suits to be among the best-advanced chicken coops.

Formex snap lock coop

Formex snap is another coop among the best-advanced chicken coops that have a lot more to offer than your ordinary chicken house. The manufacturer of this coop, the Formex Company, has been around since 1961, and this shows that this company has got people’s trust to be around for all that long.

There are many reasons why this coop is the most recommended among other best-advanced chicken coops. The ease to assemble is among the top reasons as any farmer, whether seasoned or newbie can effortlessly fix it for his chickens.

With a measurement of 64” by 39” by 42”, this chicken coop has enough space for between four to six grown chickens or between six and twelve bantam roosters. The coop contains four nesting boxes with dividers and three roosters.

The durability of this coop is unquestionable. The plastic used to make it is water, chemical, and ultraviolet resistant. This resistant ability means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on its maintenance.

The plastic material that makes this coop means that there are no bacteria that can hide in it to affect your chickens. Compared to wooden coops, the plastic one is easier to disinfect after a complete bedding change. Thus it is easy to kill all the bacteria.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Many ventilation positions
  • Nest boxes have removable dividers
  • Easy to access
  • Spacious
  • Can house most number of chickens
  • Plastic is easier to clean.


  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t have space for a feeder
  • Expensive
  • Cannot withstand extreme temperatures

As you check for your chicken coop among the best-advanced chicken coops, the Formex snap lock coop should be among the ones you consider. It will surely give you value for your money.

  1. Summerhawk ranch vintage barn coop

Summerhawk ranch is another good coop that you can find among the best-advanced chicken coops. The summerhawk ranch is spacious enough for three grow chickens for sleeping or up to nine for sleeping only.

This coop has a mesh enclosing it, making it suitable for your chickens as they can freely roam around without any worry. It also has an overhead coop to shield your chickens from the sun when it gets too hot. The mesh, overhead coop together with the spring-bolt latches provides maximum security for your chickens against predators.

The summerhawk coop has three nesting spots. The nesting area is easily accessible for egg collection. And as if that is not enough, this chicken coop is easily expandable. The expandable feature of this barn will be important especially when you want to expand your poultry business by adding more chickens.

Below are the pros and cons of this chicken coop


  • Three nesting boxes
  • Easily accessible
  • Easy egg collection
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expansion pen sold separately
  • No space for feeder
  • Expensive to maintain

If you are looking for an advanced best chicken coop, then you are not wrong to give this coop a try.

  1. Petsfit weatherproof chicken coop

Are you new to chicken rearing and looking for a simple and all-inclusive chicken bar? Then look no further. The petsfit weatherproof coop covers all the basics of a chicken coop, making it the most suitable for a newbie.

It is essential to understand that, as a newbie to chicken rearing, the cost can be a little high. Knowing this will help you identify which type of barn to settle for, given that there are many best-advanced chicken coops on the market that are costly. This coop is less expensive when you compare it to others, and also easy to assemble.

This coop comes with two doors, making it easy for your chickens to gain entry and exit. Also, you can use the doors for easy cleaning of the barn. You do not have to keep worrying about how your chickens will lay their eggs as this coop has a nesting box on the side. The nesting is well-positioned for fast collection of the eggs.

The petsfit coop is designed to survive in many kinds of weather. The water-proof paint on the coop makes it resistant to water and other things that can reduce the durability of the coop.

Check out the pros and cons of this coop below.


  • A removable bottom that enables easy cleaning
  • Assembling is easy
  • Least expensive barn
  • Easy access via the roof


  • Capacity of only 2-3 chickens
  • Can only include one roost
  • Poor ventilation
  • No chicken run
  • Only one nesting box

Even though this chicken barn has some drawbacks, as a starter, it is your best option. You do not need to have a lot of money to be able to provide your chickens with a beautiful place. As you plan to shop around for other best-advanced chicken coops, you can start with the petsfit chicken barn.

  1. SmithBuilt 7 ft. wooden chicken barn

This is also a good coop for your chickens. If you are looking for a simple coop that can have all your chickens in one place, then this is for you. This chicken coop has many features of other best-advanced chicken coops and goes a notch higher by adding its design. This makes this barn the best in the market.

The design of this coop makes it easier for you to give your chicken maximum care without working too much. Its roof can easily be opened from the top, giving you easy access for cleaning and other duties.

It is not just the rooftop that makes this coop unique. The additional features for ventilation and light make it an awesome coop. This is the only coop with a window that has a piece of cloth covering it.


  • Has a chicken run
  • Can allow in light
  • Easy access via the roof
  • Easy to climb
  • Removable tray for easier cleaning
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive to acquire
  • Only one roost
  • Thin hardware cloth
  • The wood is lightweight and soft
  • Hardware is of poor quality


The type of chicken coop you buy will depend on things such as where you live, the type of chickens you are rearing as well the number of chickens. It is true that getting best-advanced chicken coops might be hard, but with excellent and proper research, together with this guide, you are in a position to get the best chicken coop design for your needs.

It is important to note that you don’t have to be a pro in raising chickens to get best chicken coop kits. There are many experts online that can help you choose a good barn for your chickens.

Best Grow Room Fans: 2018 reviews (Top Picks) and Guide



Best grow room fans

The agricultural sector is one of the areas in the world that are fully relied upon for survival and existence. The sector has been going through a series of upgrades and inventions for many years since the agrarian revolution. Today, things have gotten even better with the introduction of new farming technologies to increase food production. The use of grow rooms is one of the ways sustainable food production which is one of the global goals for this century.

A grow room is simply a room of any size, could be a simple home gardening room or a commercial growing place, where plants are grown under conditions that are controlled. There are many reasons people use grown rooms. Some use them for illegal farming of prohibited plants to avoid criminal repercussions, while others do it because it is the only way. It is important to understand the difference between a greenhouse and a grow room. While the former is partially sealed, the latter is completely sealed. Some may confuse a grow tent with a grow room but they are different.  Grow rooms have many benefits; they make the plant growing a possibility even where there is no garden.

How to ventilate a grow rooms

As much as grow rooms are an easy way of ensuring productivity, they require a lot of knowledge for proper maintenance; otherwise, there will be no benefits. Since they are completely sealed, it may be impossible for plants to receive ventilation and light. This is why understanding the necessary conditions expected to ensure success with grow rooms is important. Ventilation is very important to plants, they need air and light for proper growth. Plants that lack proper ventilation turn yellow due to lack of chlorophyll.

To better understand how it is good to know the why? The first reason why you need your room ventilated is to remove excess heat since grow lights emit a lot of heat. A little change in temperature can bring a lot of differences. Humidity is another factor that affects indoor gardening. Since plants emit vapor throughout the day, ventilation helps control the humidity which could lead to pests and diseases. But in the event your grow room is not getting enough vapor, you can use a grow room humidifier to provide your plants with enough vapor for them to grow.    Ventilation helps prevent pests and diseases to which indoor plants are vulnerable. Dump top soli encourages pests to lay eggs on. For the nutrient cycle, plants absorb CO2 every day making the level of CO2 to decrease constantly; ventilation ensures there is proper supply. Ventilation also helps prevent wind stress.

Now that you understand why, let’s now look at how to ventilate a grow room.

  1. Use oscillating fans

It is important to note that your grow room needs two types of fans; air extractor fans and oscillating fans. Oscillating fans blow air constantly above, under and around the plant. It circulates air in the room to keep the room cool. These fans are cheaper, easily available and easy to install and use.

  1. Air extractor fan system use

This system provides a cycle of air by replacing the old air with new fresh air. This should take place every minute, or at least after every three minutes otherwise your plants will suffocate. Choosing the right fan size is, therefore, a priority.

  1. Calculate fan strength

It is one thing to have ventilation in your room and another thing controlling the amount of air needed. You may need a little bit of math to calculate fan speed though it’s simple since fans are rated by cubic feet per minute (CFM). You can figure out CFM needed by the dimensions of your grow room and the exhaust efficiency. You simply calculate the volume of your rooms then multiply by efficiency drop. The formula is room volume x efficiency drop= CFM.

  1. Passive intake and active intake

Passive airflow and negative pressure determine passive intake. With this ventilation, you may have a fan blowing air out but not in. instead, you may use a hole to bring air in. Active intake systems, on the other hand, have air drawn actively into your room with a fan.

  1. Control humidity

Humidity comes due to transpiration and must be controlled; otherwise, it may cause problems for the plant. Lowering humidity can be done by venting the humid air out using exhaust system. You can also use a dehumidifier. You may need to raise humidity sometimes by simply turning off your exhaust temporarily.

  1. CO2 Injection

Plants need CO2 for transpiration. All you need to do is inject it into your grow room. The injection requires a completely sealed grow room for efficiency and safety. You need efficiency because CO2 works better for plants at high concentration. Safety comes in due to the fact that plants need more CO2 than humans do, you don’t want CO2 leaking into your room.

What kind of fan do I need?

As discussed in the previous section grow rooms require two kinds of fans oscillating fans and air extractor fan system. The oscillating fan simply blows air all around the room while air extractor performs a more advanced role of cycling air; old air replaced with new air.

Top 6 Best inline fans for grow room/grow tent in the market

  1. Amagabeli 6 inch inline dust fan 455 CFM for hydroponic grow room tent ventilation

Amagabeli is designed specifically according to aerodynamics. If you are looking to save energy with a high-performance inline dust fan while experiencing quiet ventilation for your room, this is your best choice. It provides the best air conditioning, ventilation, and cooling. It is best used in hydroponics grow tent, greenhouse, dryer vent, basement, workshops among other places. It is 6” in diameter with power supply of 110/120V and frequency of 60Hz. It has 1.1A current and <47dB noise level. It operates with temperatures of -110 degrees F and -150 degrees F and humidity of 5% to 95% RH.

  1. Active air 760-CFM Inline Fan, 10”

This is a 10” dust fan that offers innovation and great performance. It is made with ceramic-coated housing and UL-recognized components.  It will provide you with quiet operations on a high quality molded impeller and thermally protected AC motor. It includes 8 mounting brackets and 8 ft pre-wired 120V cord.

  1. Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan, 6”

These are revolutionary s-line series of fans that give high efficiency combined with ultra-quiet operations plus many other states of the art technologies to give you performance beyond expectation. It has an energy efficient motor that powers the mixed-flow impellers. Double insulated walls reduce noise. It is assembled with high resistant polycarbonate casings, an integrated backdraft damper and a mounting bracket designed for easy installation.

  1. Apollo Horticulture 6” 440 CFM Inline dust fan

This is one of the most superior products of this kind on the market today. It is a 6” ventilation inline fan with a speed controller built in. It has a noise rating of 75+/- 1.5dband 440 CFM. It uses 120W power at 1.1A with a fun speed up to 2630RPM.


  1. VenTech IF6 6” inline dust fan 440 CFM

This is a modified superior product when it comes to airflow in different environments including any size of grow rooms.  It produces 440 CFM with a speed of 2730 RPM and a power input AC of 1.1A. It is 6” in dimension with =/- 1.5 decibels.

  1. iPower 6” 442 CFM dust Inline fan vent blower for HVAC exhaust and intake

The fan has 442 CFM with a noise level of <50db and power of 110/120V, standard household plug. It is UL-approved with quiet operation components. Noise and vibration reduced with composite fan blades and center hub. It is coated with a ceramic material for durability. It requires no maintenance due to the permanently lubricated bearing.

Top 5 best Oscillating fans in the market

  1. VIVOSUN 6” portable desk and clip-on fan for grow tent room

The product is made of metal mesh resistant to compression, preventing deformations. It is made neat with a cool design to prevent fracture. It has two speeds adjustment to control speed with strong spring clips and three well designed blades for enough air volume. It has air emission hole to keep the motor cool and is UL-listed.

  1. Comfort zone 6”—2 speed- Adjustable Tilt

This product provides you with comfort and silence working at whisper sounds. It is durable and very efficient. It has strong grip clamps that easily clips on to any surface. It has tough 6” break-resistant ABS plastic bladed material and 5.5-foot cord with steel safety cord. This is a low price high-efficiency product.

  1. Hydrofarm ACF 16 Active Air 16” wall mountable oscillating hydroponic fans

This is one of the high-efficiency fans on the market that is easy to install. It has two pull chains which are used to allow easy adjustments for ultimate air control for speed and direction. It operates really quiet. It has 90 degrees oscillating action with 3-speed settings.

  1. Active Air ACF 16 wall mount Fan

Wall mount will give plants a great opportunity for growth keeping the room and leaf temperatures cool with a quiet and smooth operation. It has 90 degrees oscillating action with 3-speed settings. It also comes with a 6ft power cord, 55W and 120V with 2 pull chains operate speed and oscillation.

  1. Hurricane wall mount fan – 18”| supreme series

This fan is a true definition of functionality and efficiency. It is ideal for home, greenhouses among other places. It has 3 speeds, high, medium and low. It has a dial and a pull for controlling. It has 90 degrees oscillation with multi-position tilt. Durability is achieved using a powder coated steel grill which is also clean.

What size of a fan do I need for my grow room?

Finding the right size of fun for your grow room requires a little bit of math. This may sound complicated to some yet in the real sense, it is very easy. All you need is to calculate the volume of your room, length x width x height, example 10x10x10. After this, calculate the CFM required. The fun should give you an exchange in an indoor room once every 3mins. Therefore, 1000 cubic ft /3 minutes will be about 333.3CFM. You can then use this information to calculate the ventilation required including other factors.

What size of fan do I require for a grow tent?

The fan size required for a grow tent can be calculated the same as the one for grow rooms. you calculate the volume of the tent and the CFM required. Multiplying the CFM with efficiency drop should give you the amount of ventilation needed and therefore the fan size.


  1. What should be the size of my intake fan?
  2. To find out the size of your intake fan, it is important to understand the type of system you are using and the size of your intake fan. If you have a passive intake system, there is no need for an intake fan. The intake fan should be the same size as intake if you are using active intake.
  3. Can there be negative pressure in my grow room?
  4. Absolutely. This happens when the pressure within your room is less than that without. Passive intakes systems are common with this principle whereby negative pressure in the room pulls clean pressure from outside using the intake hole.
  5. What kind of fan is appropriate for my grow room?
  6. There are a lot of choices on the market each having different capabilities, this makes choosing a fan not very easy. For those who are not experts simply understand that inline fan duct should be greater than your CFM. You can choose the make and model depending on the specifications you require.
  7. How does the size of my fan and bulb relate?
  8. The size of your grow bulb is very important in deciding the size of the fan to use. Some bulbs emit more heat than others. If the bulb emits a lot of heat you will definitely require more cooling because a slight change in temperature can ruin your plants.


I hope you find this article on ventilation and best grow room fans quite helpful. With this knowledge combined with practice, you can easily become an expert in grow rooms and grow tents. Success in this activity depends on choosing the right ventilation system and understanding some basic required for operations.  It is not that hard to manage a grow room and anyone can do it.