Best-advanced chicken coops

Best-advanced chicken coops

Are you a chicken farmer thinking of how to get the best chicken coops for your chickens? If yes, then this article will provide the procedure for obtaining them. To be successful in rearing chickens, you must have the right house for them. The type of coop for your chickens will help you be able not just to clean it but also collect the eggs at the end of the day. There are good chicken coops designs that can help you design yours at home.

Features of best chicken coops

As you consider getting the best-advanced chicken coops for your chickens, it is essential that you know some of the characteristics of a good coop. This will help you avoid settling for chicken barns that are of low quality yet expensive. At the same time, understanding the features of a good barn will help you choose a coop that cannot allow predators in and thus bring you great losses. And if you are planning to build your own barn, then knowing the features will help you understand how to build a chicken coop that can serve your purpose well.

Size of the coop

A good chicken coop should be large enough to accommodate all your chickens. However, the size of the barn will depend on many other factors such as the number of chickens you have, their age, and breed among others. If you are rearing layer chickens, then a coop of about 1.5 to 2 square feet is enough. But if you have meat birds, then the size will be a little more. For bantam breeds, the volume will be a bit less. You can have large chicken coop plans for your chickens, but this is for your consideration.

Apart from the above factors, you will also need a walk in chicken coop so that you can easily get in and out for cleaning, collection of eggs, to feed and other things. You can get large chicken coop plans either by reading extensively or visiting stores where such chicken coop plans are sold.


Best rated chicken coops need to have proper ventilation for your chickens. The aeration will help remove toxic fumes as well as the bad smell. Whether it is a plastic chicken coop or wooden barn, the size and position of ventilation must matter as this will determine whether or not your birds get fresh air.


To say that your coop is among the best-advanced chicken coops, it must have proper padding to protect your chickens from elements of severe weather. The insulation is particularly important in areas that experience extreme winter and summer. You need to have your chickens protected against the extreme cold during winter as well as the sheer heat during summer.

Predator prevention

It is enormous work to rear chickens from chicks to adulthood. It will be painful if, after all the hard work, predators and pests come to feast on your birds. Therefore,  as you shop around for best chicken coop reviews, consider one that can provide maximum protection to your birds.

Waterers and feeders

Best-advanced chicken coops

A good chicken barn should have waterers and feeders well positioned to enable all the chickens to feed.

There are many things that you might want your barn to have. The above features are a MUST if you are to consider your coop among the best-advanced chicken coops.


  1. Pawhut wooden chicken coop

The pawhut wooden chicken coop is among the most favored by farmers. The coop is not just designed with a pretty green color to make it attractive, but the design also provides maximum comfort to the chickens. Measuring 83.24” by 35.5” by 48”, your chickens will have plenty of space to play around. It comes with a spacious nesting area, an outdoor area that is well-fenced and a ladder for your chickens to get on and off the coop.

As a precautionary measure against predators, the coops have a heavy duty wire mesh to ensure the safety of your chickens. The wire mesh also helps to provide plenty of fresh air for the chickens. There are many reasons why this coop is among the best-advanced chicken coops.

Given that hygiene is one of the things that are essential for the well-being of your chickens, the manufacturer has provided a droppings tray that is easily removable. This is to enable for easy cleaning of the coop. Also, to ensure a good environment for your chickens, this best-advanced chicken coop is made of china’s fir. This, coupled with the asphalt composite roof provides the best environment for your chickens. Its attractive color is not just best for your chickens; it has something to add to your yard as well.

Below are the pros and cons of this best-advanced chicken coop


  • Reasonably ventilated
  • Can offer plenty of roosts
  • The wood gets weather-proof treatment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean with the removable droppings tray
  • Has a decent-size run
  • It is well-lit


  • Has two nesting boxes only
  • Not durable as the wood is too soft
  • Has no place for a feeder
  • The hardware is poor quality

Even though this chicken coop has a considerable number of cons, generally, it suits to be among the best-advanced chicken coops.

Formex snap lock coop

Formex snap is another coop among the best-advanced chicken coops that have a lot more to offer than your ordinary chicken house. The manufacturer of this coop, the Formex Company, has been around since 1961, and this shows that this company has got people’s trust to be around for all that long.

There are many reasons why this coop is the most recommended among other best-advanced chicken coops. The ease to assemble is among the top reasons as any farmer, whether seasoned or newbie can effortlessly fix it for his chickens.

With a measurement of 64” by 39” by 42”, this chicken coop has enough space for between four to six grown chickens or between six and twelve bantam roosters. The coop contains four nesting boxes with dividers and three roosters.

The durability of this coop is unquestionable. The plastic used to make it is water, chemical, and ultraviolet resistant. This resistant ability means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on its maintenance.

The plastic material that makes this coop means that there are no bacteria that can hide in it to affect your chickens. Compared to wooden coops, the plastic one is easier to disinfect after a complete bedding change. Thus it is easy to kill all the bacteria.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Many ventilation positions
  • Nest boxes have removable dividers
  • Easy to access
  • Spacious
  • Can house most number of chickens
  • Plastic is easier to clean.


  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t have space for a feeder
  • Expensive
  • Cannot withstand extreme temperatures

As you check for your chicken coop among the best-advanced chicken coops, the Formex snap lock coop should be among the ones you consider. It will surely give you value for your money.

  1. Summerhawk ranch vintage barn coop

Summerhawk ranch is another good coop that you can find among the best-advanced chicken coops. The summerhawk ranch is spacious enough for three grow chickens for sleeping or up to nine for sleeping only.

This coop has a mesh enclosing it, making it suitable for your chickens as they can freely roam around without any worry. It also has an overhead coop to shield your chickens from the sun when it gets too hot. The mesh, overhead coop together with the spring-bolt latches provides maximum security for your chickens against predators.

The summerhawk coop has three nesting spots. The nesting area is easily accessible for egg collection. And as if that is not enough, this chicken coop is easily expandable. The expandable feature of this barn will be important especially when you want to expand your poultry business by adding more chickens.

Below are the pros and cons of this chicken coop


  • Three nesting boxes
  • Easily accessible
  • Easy egg collection
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expansion pen sold separately
  • No space for feeder
  • Expensive to maintain

If you are looking for an advanced best chicken coop, then you are not wrong to give this coop a try.

  1. Petsfit weatherproof chicken coop

Are you new to chicken rearing and looking for a simple and all-inclusive chicken bar? Then look no further. The petsfit weatherproof coop covers all the basics of a chicken coop, making it the most suitable for a newbie.

It is essential to understand that, as a newbie to chicken rearing, the cost can be a little high. Knowing this will help you identify which type of barn to settle for, given that there are many best-advanced chicken coops on the market that are costly. This coop is less expensive when you compare it to others, and also easy to assemble.

This coop comes with two doors, making it easy for your chickens to gain entry and exit. Also, you can use the doors for easy cleaning of the barn. You do not have to keep worrying about how your chickens will lay their eggs as this coop has a nesting box on the side. The nesting is well-positioned for fast collection of the eggs.

The petsfit coop is designed to survive in many kinds of weather. The water-proof paint on the coop makes it resistant to water and other things that can reduce the durability of the coop.

Check out the pros and cons of this coop below.


  • A removable bottom that enables easy cleaning
  • Assembling is easy
  • Least expensive barn
  • Easy access via the roof


  • Capacity of only 2-3 chickens
  • Can only include one roost
  • Poor ventilation
  • No chicken run
  • Only one nesting box

Even though this chicken barn has some drawbacks, as a starter, it is your best option. You do not need to have a lot of money to be able to provide your chickens with a beautiful place. As you plan to shop around for other best-advanced chicken coops, you can start with the petsfit chicken barn.

  1. SmithBuilt 7 ft. wooden chicken barn

This is also a good coop for your chickens. If you are looking for a simple coop that can have all your chickens in one place, then this is for you. This chicken coop has many features of other best-advanced chicken coops and goes a notch higher by adding its design. This makes this barn the best in the market.

The design of this coop makes it easier for you to give your chicken maximum care without working too much. Its roof can easily be opened from the top, giving you easy access for cleaning and other duties.

It is not just the rooftop that makes this coop unique. The additional features for ventilation and light make it an awesome coop. This is the only coop with a window that has a piece of cloth covering it.


  • Has a chicken run
  • Can allow in light
  • Easy access via the roof
  • Easy to climb
  • Removable tray for easier cleaning
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive to acquire
  • Only one roost
  • Thin hardware cloth
  • The wood is lightweight and soft
  • Hardware is of poor quality


The type of chicken coop you buy will depend on things such as where you live, the type of chickens you are rearing as well the number of chickens. It is true that getting best-advanced chicken coops might be hard, but with excellent and proper research, together with this guide, you are in a position to get the best chicken coop design for your needs.

It is important to note that you don’t have to be a pro in raising chickens to get best chicken coop kits. There are many experts online that can help you choose a good barn for your chickens.


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