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It can be a tedious job to keep your hedges beautiful, especially if you are not using the best hedge shears in the market. It is critical to know the type and size of hedge shear that can help you keep your hedge looking awesome. This is, however, hard given the numerous types of hedge shears available, each of different size. Knowing some of the best hedge trimmers for thick branches can go a long way in making your work easier.

In this article, we shall review some of the best hedge shears to help you select the one that best suits you.

Choosing the best hedge shear

With the numerous types of shears available, it would be important to first know how to choose the best hedge shear. Remember that the market provides all sorts of shears, each with a unique design, size and also price. Each of these shears has a different purpose, and thus buying the one that looks like your neighbors’ might not help much. Let us look at the factors to consider when selecting hedge shears.

Factors to consider when buying hedge shears

The cutting blades

The size of the blades and handles will depend on the kind of work you are doing. For those doing up-close work, it will be necessary to go for short blades and short handles as well. But if you are doing big jobs, then opt for long blades with long handles.

In the market today, you will realize that most quality hedge shears are straight. At the same time, the shears are made from forged steel.

When buying, this is an important consideration to remember as it will determine how easy it will be to sharpen the blades. Sharpening straight blades with a sharpening stone by hands is easy compared to other types of blades.

It is also vital to consider how the blades of your hedge shears touch each other. Ideally, they should only touch at the cutting point. This will help reduce friction as well as sticking.

Remember that a good hedge shears need to be adjustable. This means that as you buy hedge shears, you have to look at its pivot-bolt and ensure that it is adjustable. Knowing where to get the replacement pivot is a plus given that this will always be the first part to fail.

It is prudent to keep your tool sharp all the time if you want to get the best out of it.

Weight and size of the hedge shears

For those who have been trimming hedges know how tedious the job can be. The work is repetitive, and most often you are forced to reach areas of the hedge that are quite above your shoulders. It is for this reason that you need to consider the weight of your tool.

While the weight and size of the shears will depend to some extent on your muscles, it is always advisable to choose one that you can easily carry. In the marketplace, you will find one that has either aluminum or fiberglass handles. At the same time, you will find another design with either steel or wood handles. Choosing the former over the latter is better since the latter is usually heavy.

The cutting mechanism

The effort you need to shear your hedge will depend on how often you shear them. If you shear the hedges regularly, then you might not need to use a lot of energy as they will be soft. But if you take too long to shear them, then the amount of energy you need might be considerably high.

Geared technology is one best technology that substantially reduces the amount of energy when cutting the hedge. This is important, especially when cutting large branches.

Ease of use

The tool you choose needs to be easy to use. Take the one with cushioned grips which has shock-absorbing bumpers at the point where the handles come together. This is essential in helping reduce wear and tear on your arms.

The cost of the tool

It is true that most of you expected this to be the first factor to consider. And yes, you are right, I just put it here intentionally to keep you thinking.

The cost of the tool is an important factor worth putting your minds on. Different hedge shears come at different prices. While there are those that are as cheap as $15, don’t be surprised to find one that will require you to pay as much as $120.

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