Best egg layers: Top 5 chicken breeds for eggs

best egg layers

It is true that every type of chicken can produce good eggs. But this is not to say that all chickens are best egg layers. Egg production differs among the many chicken breeds available.

After getting your best chicken coop, the next thing you need to do is decide whether you want to fill it with layers or broilers. Again, you must determine if you’re going to rear chicken for personal use or commercial purpose. This will depend on which you find more profitable in the long run.

Broiler chickens can be profitable in the short-run given that you don’t have to keep them for long. Within a few weeks after hatching, the hens will be ready for sale. This is contrary to their counterparts, which you have to keep for months before they start laying.

But the length of time you need to rear the chickens before you start benefiting should not dupe you. Even though it is true that you only need a few weeks to sell your chickens, the amount of resources you will need to sustain them within those few weeks is more. You must understand how to feed your chickens after they hatch if you want them to grow well and faster. You can get quality information on morninghomestead regarding how to feed your chicks. Anyone rearing chicken will agree that broilers tend to feed too much, and thus you need a lot of money to be able to buy them enough chicken feed.

Also, you will get a loss if after the hens are ready for sale and you don’t have a ready market. This means that before you start rearing broilers, you need first to identify and secure the market where you will sell them.

As for layers, you will feed them for long before they start giving you eggs. But you will also agree that you will have less stress since you can be able to keep the eggs for long without them spoiling.

The choice of whether to fill your chicken barn with broilers or layers is a personal decision.

Things to consider before buying best egg layers

Rearing chickens can be fun, especially if you are passionate about it. However, if you choose to rear chickens just because everyone is doing it, then prepare yourself for the shock of your life.

To be successful and get value from the best egg layers you buy, there are some things you need to know:


Just like any other type of job, rearing chickens need your attention as well. You have to spend much of your time doing various chores for your flocks. Among the everyday things that will need your time are feeding, watering, cleaning collecting eggs and many others. This is the most straightforward way to ensure that you benefit from the layers. Also, you will be able to detect illnesses early if you spend time with them.

Proper housing

Thinking that you can venture into poultry farming without spending money on getting the best coop is lying to oneself. Egg-laying chickens need an excellent place to be able to lay many eggs in a year.

As you think of the coop design for your hens, remember that the hens will need nesting boxes, ventilation, bedding, and many other things. The climate of the area where you want to rear chickens will help you determine which type of coop to buy.

Inside the house, you need to install the best chicken feeders and waterers so that the chicken feed and drink water at any time they want. This might be expensive though.


Rearing chicken is not a child play as they say. You need money to raise chickens and get good returns. You need to plan your budget well to ensure that it can sustain your chicken rearing project.

The amount of money you need to start poultry will depend on many factors like the number of chickens you want to raise, cost and type of nesting boxes, bedding among others.

However, it is critical to note that you will not have to spend a lot of money all the time. The high cost will only apply during the early stages.

Many other things will determine how profitable your venture is. As an entrepreneur, you should have a self-motivation for layers.

Top 5 chicken breeds for eggs

Isa brown

The Isa brown hens are an exceptional breed of chickens. They are little-feathered and start producing eggs as soon as they reach 16 weeks.

These chickens have a healthy body size, an attribute that can be the reason for the many eggs they lay. Maintaining these hence does not require a lot of resources as they can quickly adapt to various kinds of environments.

With a weight of between 4.5-5.8kgs, the Isa brown hens are believed to be more substantial than any other chicken breed. As mentioned earlier, it is this weight that enables it to lay eggs between 300 and 350 per year.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance chicken breed, then you have no reason to doubt this breed. It will make your layers-rearing work more manageable.


weight Male: 3kgs
Female: 2kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 300-350 per year
Country of origin France

The leghorn

This chicken breed is named after the Leghorn port in Italy. This bird is celebrated for being the best egg layer not just in Italy, where it was initially bred, but across the world since it has become an international brand in the poultry industry.

best egg layers

Its average weight is between 2.5 and 3.5kgs and will give you approximately 280-320 eggs in a year.

With a varying plumage, this bird comes in different varieties.


weight Male: 2.7kgs
Female: 2.3kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color white
Comb type Single or rose
Number of eggs 280-320 per year
Country of origin Italy


This bird was originally bred in Australia, thus the name Australorp. The bird is an excellent layer, producing approximately 250-300 eggs per year. The eggs are usually light brown.

best egg layers

You will always find these birds beautiful and attractive in your backyard. They are black with a beetle green tinge. Their weight is around 3-4kgs.

For more productivity, you will need to provide a spacious environment as they like to free-range.


weight Male: 4.1kgs
Female: 3.1kgs
Skin color white
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 250-300 per year
Country of origin Australia

Plymouth Rock

This is an American breed of chicken. Before becoming a worldwide brand among the layers, this breed began its life in infamy. This hen is popularly known due to its ability to lay throughout winter. With this breed, you can be sure of getting approximately 200-250 eggs per year.

best egg layers

You will find them in different varieties such as white, buff, silver penciled and many other.


weight Male: 3.4kgs
Female: 2.95kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 200-300 per year
Country of origin USA

The Rhode Island chicken

This chicken is an American breed developed in the late nineteenth century. Cross-breeding oriental birds with brown leghorns from Italy produced this bird.

best egg layers

Initially, this breed was meant for the dual purpose, ie. For eggs and meat. However, their ability to lay many eggs in a year changed their goal and are now purely for eggs.

Below are the features of this breed of chicken:

weight Male: 3.9kgs
Female: 2.9kgs
Skin color yellow
Egg color brown
Comb type Single
Number of eggs 200-300 per year

How to care for chickens

Choosing the best egg layers is not all there is to have the most eggs. You need to understand the best practices when handling chickens. Let us look at the things you need to do to provide the best environment for your poultry.

Provide clean water

It should be your daily routine to provide fresh and clean water for your layers. Remember that chicken droppings, shavings and other types of dirt can get into the water. It should be your duty to ensure that the hens are getting clean water at all time.

Every morning, visit the chicken coop to clean and sanitize the waterer. Change the water regularly so that your chickens enjoy fresh water all the time. You can also use nipple drinkers for the chicken to ensure that the chickens do not make the water dirty.

Feed them regularly

To get the best out of your egg layers, you need to ensure that they are well-fed at all times. Get the best chicken feeders and add chicken feeds on it. You can have a schedule on when to feed your birds.

Collect eggs on time

What else will make you happier than collecting eggs? Collecting them earlier, however, can be a hard task for some people. You need to remove the eggs from the nesting boxes when they are still clean and fresh. Also, an early collection will help you minimize the number of cracked eggs.

Keep the coop clean

To keep illnesses away from your chickens, you need to ensure that they are living in a clean environment. It should be your first duty every morning to clean the chicken barn. Remove all the droppings and make sure the coop is dry.

Also, you need to change the beddings at least ones every month.


Having hundreds of chickens in your chicken coop is prestigious. The feeling that one gets when collecting the eggs is always unmatched. But for you to get such a good experience, you need to ensure that you buy the best egg layers on the market.

Ensuring that the hens are given the best conditions is another sure way of getting g the most out of your chickens. Thus it is essential that you understand how to take good care of your best egg layers.