7 Best Hydroponics Nutrients and Fertilizers to Buy: 2019 Reviews & Guide

The moment you choose to grow plants hydroponically, you have to be ready to provide nutrients for them. This is because just as you need food to grow, your hydroponic plants will need to hydroponic nutrients to survive. But there is a challenge to this, as getting the best hydroponics nutrients right away is not an easy task.

As technology advances, and human population keeps on souring, there is need for people to embrace hydroponic gardening. And the world is slowly accepting this type of gardening as the only sure solution for food crisis across the world. And with this, many manufacturers have moved to take advantage of the growing hydroponics market to produce nutrients that can help in the growth of the hydroponics plants. To fully understand you can get general hydroponics nutrients for your plants, read this post to the end.

Things to consider before buying hydroponics nutrients

Before you decide on which nutrients to buy, you first need to consider the following;

Liquid or powder hydroponic nutrients?

Most starters and those who do gardening just for hobby choose the liquid hydroponic nutrients. And this is for two reasons. First, the best liquid hydroponics nutrients come when already mixed. This implies that the gardener will not have to start reading through the manuals on how to mix them again.

The other reason is that it is much easy to use the liquid hydroponic nutrients. And this is because one doesn’t have to mix, all you will have to do is buy and apply to your hydroponic plants.

But there is one disadvantage to the use of liquid nutrients. They are too expensive to buy, and not many would want to go this direction, especially when on a tight hydroponics budget.

For seasoned hydroponic gardeners, the dry or powder hydroponics nutrients are their choice. This is because it is economical to use them as compared to the liquid form. The economical nature of these form of nutrients makes it most appropriate to be used in large commercial greenhouses. It is, however, important to note that the use of powder hydroponics is only good for those with enough experience and when doing large-scale hydroponics farming.

Want to go organic or synthetic?

As you think of the best hydroponic fertilizers to use, you need to also figure out whether you want to go organic or the synthetic path. Organic seems to have been recommended, as it suits the environmental needs, your own health and other benefits.

But even then, the truth is it is not easy to get organic hydroponics nutrients. But if you must buy, then you need to consider organic forms such as fish bone, blood meal among others. When you place these into a solution, they can act as organic nutrients for your garden.

While most of the manufacturers will claim that they are producing organic nutrients, truth is such nutrients are not 100% organic as they have some refined minerals in them.

Your budget

Are you operating a budgeted hydroponics system? If yes, then you need to consider the price of the nutrients that you would want to apply to your garden. If you have little money, then you might want to consider 1-part hydroponic liquid nutrients. This is because you will not have to go through the cost of having to mix the nutrients, as they come when already mixed for you.

All-purpose or made-for-hydroponics products?

As a hydroponics grower, you need to be keen when buying the nutrients. Most of the manufacturers will recommend all-purpose products, which is not actually a correct choice. Hydroponics growers need to just focus on what their crops need, and thus you have to buy the made-for-hydroponics nutrients.

Can you make your own hydroponic nutrient solutions?

If you are a seasoned hydroponics grower with enough experience, then you can be able to brew your own hydroponics nutrients solution. To brew, you will need some chemicals and compost. For a proper diy hydroponic nutrients, you need to make a nitrate solution so that you can get nitrogen.

But the best way to grow your hydroponic plants is to purchase certified organic nutrients from reliable manufacturers.

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